Wanna Be a Model? Why send these photos?

Yeah, yeah, could be worse – I could be cleaning out a jack shack for a living, but I get these sorts of emails a few times a week and I just wonder, “What are you thinking?” – You are applying for a model job and sending only this … how could I make a decision based on these? Oh, yeah, just seen the last photo, decision made!

“I’m interested in becoming a tg/cd model. Attached are a few photos. I’m 22 hispanic 5 foot 10 inches 135 pounds 7 1/2 inch penis”


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3 Responses to Wanna Be a Model? Why send these photos?

  1. Phil Pankey says:

    I cannot get onto the grooby email site to send photos of myself. I would like to try and become a male model with Grooby, but need another way to contact you guys. I am in top psychical shape and think I would make a good addition to your family. Please contact me asap with a second contact option. YOU WON’T BE DISAPPOINTED!!!

  2. Julio says:

    Hi, im interested to wrk with shemales, plese call me or let me to know because im handsome and I have a lot of honey

  3. Raymond says:

    Im interested to act any role would be fine im a black guy from South Africa 22 years of age,tall and handsome

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