Cockroach Crushing Shemales ?

Ok, so I get my fair share of emails.  In fact, the first hour of every morning is filtering them, the next two hours answering them – most are fairly straight forward but some are just bizarre.  My policy, probably against better judgement is to answer them all – and not just placate them with a bullshit, we’ll try to get that (unless I believe we can).

Here’s the Cockroach Crushing Guy ….

[Monday 21st July 13:34, Cockroach Guy]

“I have some great ladyboy stories to tell from personal experience, I hope to compose one and send it soon as possible.
Tell me, I am very much into the fetish of sexy crush, cockroach being my favourite victims, you mention cockroach in your intro, I would love to see you make a few shemale/crush film clips.
You could start with a sexy slim shemale, like Kandie, Wualleska, Kelly or any nice slim and sexy shemale with a big cock and a powerful CUMshot, she enters her appartment dressed in sexy office/business suit, she sees a few nasty cockroaches on her hard tiled kitchen floor, then she slowly crushes them in her sexy high heeled shoes, same time as she crushes, she lifts her skirt and produces her cock which is as hard as a rock and wanks herself into a floor flooding orgasm.
WoW, I think this would be fantastic and it would introduce you to another audience, Shemale/Crush,
I am off to live in Thailand around September time, my plan is to shack up with a gorgeous sexy Thai girl and a horny Thai ladyboy with a huge hard cock and who can shoot spunk across a room and fill a bucket with her creamy sweet spunk. I also hope to start my own website, a website with a difference, Oriental chicks, ladyboys, sexy crush, a touch of the erotic and the bizzare.
Love to hear from you, love you to make some shemale/crush”.

[Mon 21st July 2008 12:45 – Steven]
I’ve no answer for you apart from this is one of the most bizarre emails I’ve received in 11 yrs of
business. You’d be better putting your information/likes into where you might find
others who like the same but we would never produce such content for moral reasons.

Please investigate carefully before embarking on such a site, not only would it be illegal to run a
porn site from Thailand but no billing company would take a website that crushed animals as part of
it’s entertainment. regards Steven

[Tues 22nd July 15:18, Cockroach Guy]

“Hi Seanchai,

thanks for your reply,     I hope I am not being rude but I think you have been living a pretty sheltered life, sexy crush is a fairly widespread fetish and is practised around the world, orientals latinos europeans americans in fact I do not know of many countries where this fetish is not practised.       I believe in what the great man himself said, Sigmund Freud, that all fetishes start from a very early age, almost soon after birth, most men love breasts, this stems from breastfeeding, some men prefer legs and ass, from looking up at their mothers while playing on the floor, also upskirt turnons. Although a lot less practised, sexy crush, from watching a pretty girl at school crush a beetle, your mother swat a fly to the floor and crush under her high heel shoes.  As a young baby and a young boy, even though you have no knowledge of sex and fetishes, you will experience a hard on quiet often, sometimes this hard on will occur during breastfeeding, watching a woman crush a bug and so on and so on, the brain will connect the two things together and so the fetish will develop,  clever man that Sigmund Freud !!
The Sexy crush fetish might seem cruel,  but if only bugs are crushed it is harmless. Insects do not think, they can not think to reason why,  they do not feel pain or emotion, their brain and nervous system is incapable, in fact they are just mobile protein, food for other creatures.   I would not dream of hurting an animal or causing it stress.  It is just a harmless fetish of the imagination.
Have you ever heard of    Niche clips,   well they provide a whole spectrum of various fetishes for whoever, sadly no ladyboys or shemales but plenty of sexy crush.   Everyone to their own,  I love chicks, ladyboys, shemales, sexy crush, watching chicks and ladyboys piss, voyeurism, eroticism,  and a few others, and I admit to it,  I am, what you see is what you get, open and honest, its the quiet ones who say nothing, they are the ones to watch out for, rapists, paedophiles etc, like any fetish, they can all be taken to the extreme, crushing animals, raping, forced sex with minors,  this is the real evil in this world,     I hope what I do is just a bit of innocent sexy fun between consenting adults.”
[Tues 22nd July 2008 12:45 – Steven]

I’m anything but sheltered.  Until I see your credentials on entomology, let’s just say your choosing to believe that insects don’t feel anything to fuel your fantasies.  I’d disagree strongly with your statement.  I know all about Freud thank you so it’s obvious where a fetish of this type starts and I know that many people also have the will to be able to choose.

Good luck in finding a partner into it, I think if your wallet is big enough, then Thailand will be the place.

Your comment about harmless fun between two consenting adults … did fail to mention the cockroach ?
[Weds 23rd July 20:11, Cockroach Guy]
“I do not boast of any qualification in Entomology, but I do respect
nature, I hold a great regard in the fact that nature itself is the
true power on this planet and we should treat it with the utmost
Do you think insects feel pain ? I have witnessed insects being eaten alive, half crushed, poisoned, burned, and when this occurs, if the head is left intact they show almost no signs of trauma. Even when the head is crushed the body still moves sometimes for a considerable time. Surely if the insect could feel pain or the thought of being killed it would react to the emotion, and pain of dying. I have also seen this none reaction with fish, I have witnessed a catfish carrying on regardless while been eaten alive by paranha, any other creature would either die of shock or react with the pain and horror of the situation. I think the insect is moving protein and when eaten alive a chemical reaction within its body fluids provides its host with a tasty meal, indeed there is a similarity with halal meat, animals killed by bleeding to death, it is said when killed in this manner the meat is more tastier, which could point to maximising its nutritional value.

There are I must point out different opinions within the Muslim world regarding halal food, especially meat.

I think we humans tend to humanise creatures including insects, jiminy cricket, boris the spider, consider mickey mouse, we dont have a problem setting mouse traps when mice invade our houses, I have seen mice snapped in traps and believe me this is about as cruel as it gets,yet its considered the thing to do. In short I dont consider thecrushing, burning to death or any other way the killing of these insectpests cruel or inhumane, indeed, I think its a huge sexual turn on whenexecuted by a very sexy ladyboy or sexy female wearing the sexiest ofhigh heel shoes.

Thailand is a country of negotiation, everything has its price, sex andsexual favours in Siam can be agreed to suit all sides, the only people who spend a lot in Thailand are the rich and the brain dead. I love theThai people, they mostly just get on with life and don’t expect handouts from others. I am if I say so myself a fairly honest person and I would not try and rip anyone off. Lately there has been a tendency to steal from westerners, but I think this is a modern day thing as the young people of the world get westernised and adopt western tendencies.”

Ok this truly was one of the most bizarre exchanges I’ve had … in 11 years of bizarre exchanges.

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  1. geeman says:

    i would like for you too put on some clear see threw heels aka pumps then put too little mouse in ur pumps then put your foot in them and crush them slowly

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