Santa’s Letters. Just Trying to Spread a Little Xmas Love.

I’m aware that among our community, many are less fortunate than I, and are often unable whether by circumstance or choice, to spend a lot of time around people who understand and accept them for whom they are. This can often become compounded over the holiday seasons, so Kristel and I got to thinking about anything we could do, that may just be a little fun and perhaps give some of our community a much needed personal communication this year.

We’ve asked some of the girls we know from our Twitter accounts to see if they’d be interested in helping out, and the response was (predictably) amazing. Our community may have it’s issues and problems and often be polarised but when it comes to genuinely caring about the thoughts and feelings of another individual, I find more empathy here, then in a lot of the wider world.

So how does it work?
Anybody, can write an email to and we will randomly assign it to one of our holiday angels who will reply. No emails will go direct to the angels, and their emails will be sent back to us, to be forwarded to you on Xmas Eve. This isn’t for sex talk – you can find that elsewhere, but feel free to share information about yourself and your life, or what you’re doing over the holiday season so the angels can write back personally. If you want to send a non-explicit photo, that is fine too. Many of our angels have vastly varied interests in sports, comics, movies, gamers, cooking, fashion, travel, etc.

You can find out more at

If you want to volunteer and are a model or performer, then please send headshot to me at with your name (and Twitter name).

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