TEA Show 2022 – Some Notes (Nov update)

Hopefully you’ve seen the new name change on the show, which we believe will take us nicely into the future.

The TEA Show 2022 will go ahead as a live event in some format unless things change for the worse. The purpose of this post, is to give you some information to you can make a more educated decision and travel plans, and to quash any misinformation by the uninformed.

Show date is March 13th. Pre-Party is March 11th. Avalon, Hollywood.

Grooby run the TEAs as a way to celebrate the trans adult industry, which historically had been bypassed or side-lined by other events. We’re lucky to have a sponsors who want to be a part of this show, and help us with the expenses to put it on, and celebrate with the performers. And we have enjoyed having non-industry folks attend, when there is capacity available.

Our focus though will remain on the performers and those working in the industry.

The 2022 show, will go ahead at the Avalon and we have to comply with all local rules around Covid. As these are changing rapidly, it’s very difficult for us to predict what will be in place by March, and we’ve guaranteed to our sponsors, that in the event we cannot do a live show – the vast majority of their sponsorship would be returned, and Grooby will assume the over-all costs (losses) involved.

With that in mind, I can give you a snapshot of what the show would look like, based on today’s rules – and how we want to protect our industry and guests.

  1. In the event of limited capacity, we will prioritize nominees/winners and trans performers (with previous winners getting priority). Next will be sponsors, then industry. If there is any availability for non-industry guests, first choice will be given to our regular attendees whom we know and recognise for their support over the years. There will be no on-door sales.
  2. There will be no on-door sales. It will be 100% ticketed (all future shows will be this going forward).
  3. The pre-party cannot go ahead if we have to enforce in-door masks. We may look for alternatives.
  4. All attendees must produce their vaccination certificates.
  5. IF we sell tickets ahead of time, and the show is cancelled, ticket holders will get quick refunds. We assume no responsibility for travel plans, and suggest you do get insurance.

I don’t want or care to get into a debate with you on your personal life choices, or any bullshit about vaccines, masks and your conspiracy theories. These are our rules, take them or leave them. We will continue to field questions on Twitter : https://twitter.com/TGEroticaAwards

I truly hope we can have a TEA Show as close to normality as possible. We cancelled the 2000 TEA’s only days before, and had no inkling that two years later, we’d still be making these compromises – so our goal is to get back our usual celebration.

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