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Refund me please I didn’t mean to buy membership. Thanks.

I like to think that Grooby has the best customer service of any adult site, I’m fairly confident in that as I pick up selections from our customer service desk myself and answer them … but we’re not going to be pushed over, or stolen from, so when this piece of work emailed me this morning;

“Refund me please I didn’t mean to buy membership. Thanks.”

I had just the response;

“Can you clarify what you mean by ‘I didn’t mean to buy membership’ ?
While viewing the tour, did your hand accidentally slip to the join button, where it Read More

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Members Surveys Results and Answers

Thank you to the members who took part in the survey.   As so many of you added comments, I think it would be fair to answer them here so everyone can share in the direction we can take the websites.

  1.  The majority of the answers came from ShemaleYum, Shemale.XXX and BlackTgirls
  2.  People mainly joined the site for the ‘type of’ or ‘quality of’ the content (77%) and 21%   were repeat members.
  3.  45% of people were members of 1 or more Grooby sites.
  4.  25% of people were members for less than one month, 23% for 1-3 months and 3-12 months and
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I want you to help me in my quest secretly to being bisexual and not curious.

“I’M a bbm and I don’t have any clue as to where I belong yet. I’m a big teddy bear that is very sexual and I want to experience all of the avenues eventually. I want to observe TS ladies doing what they do on set. I actually have never been penetrated voluntarily but I play with toys often so. Ready. I have only given throat and I’m pretty good I think. I want to be a fluffer. I’ve never been made up or wore lingerie but I’m game. I want you to help me in my quest secretly to … Read More

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… and then there was the Thurs morning when someone sent me a ‘Lawnmower With a Dick’ Script ….

I occasionally get emails from want to be script writers who usually they’re the next greatest thing, and that there are loads of paying jobs as script writers in porn (in my experience, the director usually works on their own scripts with an editor).    The samples they send are usually pretty bland and contrived and it’s more that they just want to ‘work in’ porn, rather than have any real talent.

Then there was this rainy Thursday morning when I was sent this proposal (names removed);

We are ______________   and ______________  and we are professional porn writers with … Read More

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Small Cocked Psychologist from South Africa Wants to Stop Big Penises Ruling the World!

So this came in today..

“Hello. I am a psychologist from South Africa. I am sending this to any porn company I can find, because I think reading it might slightly make the world a better place. My message is very simple, I don’t want to waste your time so let me get started!

I would ask you to stop perpetuating the stereotype of everyone having “big penis”. It is something that affects many young men after hundreds and hundreds of hours watching porn. In a world where self confidence is plummeting and mental conditions are on the rise, even … Read More

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