TEA 2023 – My Personal Thanks & More

I hope everyone enjoyed the TEA Weekend as much as I did. It was the smoothest show we’ve operated and although still room for improvement, we were extremely happy overall. Removing the interval was key, and kept people focussed and the show on schedule. The rain made the red carpet a little more complicated which was a shame, but we at least had TEA brollies ready to go.

If anyone actually listened when I was on stage, one thing I wanted to impress was that we run this show at ‘not for profit’. Our sponsorships are low compared to other … Read More

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Guide to Navigating to 2023 TEA Show

I hope you’re all as excited as we are for an awesome Trans Erotica Awards this weekend.
For many of you this is your first time, and for those regular attendees, some things have changes so this is a basic guide to help you navigate the weekend and have a safe, enjoyable and productive time!

  • The guest list will close 12 noon EST on Friday 17th March. There are no ticket sales at the door and nobody will be admitted who isn’t on the list. If you are a guest of a sponsor, they should have added you to their
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Attendance at The Trans Erotica Awards 2023 – Notes!

With confusion over some of the award shows this week, I’ve had people contacting me wanting to know how they can get to attend to TEA Show 2023. We’ve yet to open our guest list, which will be next month but this should answer your questions.

This year we will be continuing to be an industry only event and there will not be tickets on sale to the general public.

The Guest List is open to all nominees, as well as trans performers known to us, or who have worked with our sponsors, as well as our industry guests and … Read More

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The TEA Nominations Coming This Week

All the pre-nominations are in and we’re working out the exact nominations for this coming years Trans Erotica Show. As each year there are so many new girls in the industry, I find it helpful to put this guide out to our our award show differs and what to expect, each year.

The pre-nominations are just to get an idea of models or scenes for nomination, the amount of (spammed) nominations are pointless and just waste everyone’s time. We take these nominations and the nominations from industry (company owners, producers, reps, professional reviewers, media, etc.) to come up with working … Read More

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Trans Day of Remembrance 2022

I tend not to want to mark a specific day for remembering trans girls we’ve lost during this year, or previous years. As the editor in charge of posting the notices of trans models who have died on our Fallen Angels Blog, I recognise the rate of trans people’s deaths is increasing and it’s something that cannot be contained to one day. I do also recognise the need for TDoR and it’s origins (you can read more at Kristel’s post at Grooby.com) and that it’s important as a leader of a company that is 100% trans related, to … Read More

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