The Grooby 2023 Calendar is Here!

Each year we release a limited edition calendar of some of our favourite shots of the year. This year we chose this super shot of Jill Pill, who debuted in 2022 from one of our newer producers, Moe Scoville.

It’s a difficult job trying to select only 13 photos from 10,000’s over the year – and whittling it down to only 13 models. We try to have some diversity across the sites and producers – and there are many other models whom we could have chosen, we just felt these 13 represented what we do the best and had a … Read More

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Transnificent – The Story So Far (and why we can’t work with every model)

It’s always a risk when you try a new project away from your core business. One would think working with trans men and non-binary, would be an easy step from working with trans women … and it is, we have great producers who enjoy the work and since launching we’re inundated with models wanting to work for us. The problem is trying to reach the potential new members to sell, and when the performers are so different to most of our existing members who enjoy trans woman content, then it’s almost like starting from scratch.

I think the content has … Read More

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TEA 2022 Recap and Thoughts for the 2023 Show!

Thank you so much for those who came out to the TEA Show last month. It’s taken me this long to catch up with work and put the show into some perspective. This was a bit of a difficult year for us, we were understaffed with some of our staff having to isolate and a key staff member took ill days before, leaving unfinished sound and vision work. Kristel and I always do a stocktake immediately following the TEAs with the purpose of seeing what can be improved for next year … but more of that in a moment.

I … Read More

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TEA 2022 – Questions and Answers (especially for first timers).

We’ve more first time attendees that ever before at this years TEAs – and there are a lot of questions. The guide below should be everything you need to know about the TEA weekend, with some advice on expectations, etiquette and a guide to having the safest and best weekend ever!

Attendees this year are 100% guest listed, unlike previous years where we have had ticket sales. There are select fans but they are known to us – but the rest of the attendees are involved in some way in the adult industry or trans related industries. We’re current estimating … Read More

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Hiring Immediately for Marketing/Webpersons for Grooby.


Grooby is in a period of growth and we’re looking for an immediate hire of one or two freelance individuals to join our remote team. The ideal candidate will have some experience in the adult industry and a knowledge of the trans adult models and performers.

Compensation : TBD

  • You are able to work remotely without constant supervision.
  • You have some experience with social media (Twitter, Reddit, etc.) and understand how to market content.
  • Ideally some basic photoshop and/or video editing knowledge for trailers or promo material.
  • Quick learner
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