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Wanna Be a Model? Why send these photos?

Yeah, yeah, could be worse – I could be cleaning out a jack shack for a living, but I get these sorts of emails a few times a week and I just wonder, “What are you thinking?” – You are applying for a model job and sending only this … how could I make a decision based on these? Oh, yeah, just seen the last photo, decision made!

“I’m interested in becoming a tg/cd model. Attached are a few photos. I’m 22 hispanic 5 foot 10 inches 135 pounds 7 1/2 inch penis”


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More strange emails – does he want to be a model or?

This is one of the better ones:

EMAIL 1: 3.02pm

“The world of shemales is it true or is it false? My name is Carlos xxxxxxxxxxxx and I am from Thomaston, Georgia. My age is 21, and I have no nude pictures. Model experiences I was looking at one time because some much interest because of the spirits around me. I really was trying to find it out, and I am in need of a job because of much place I have gave to you all and with drugs. I would like to be a male model if anything could Read More

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Oh dear, new male model fails to impress…

Sorry folks, I’ve been lax on this blog for too long – due to personal shit (moved house and country, increased the brood and more!) but I’m going to keep onto it, mainly because the comedy just keeps coming.

Life and times, in the porn business.
“Hello i hope that i am not waisting your time.I am a 55yo man i live in Bangor Maine xxxx.wanting to know if you do anything with overweight men 300+lbs. i realy love being played with by pre-op girls i love being the bottom. i am pretty much open for most anything.i have no Read More

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More crazy emails from “I want to be a male model…”

We’re always looking for models and of course, we’re all different and I respect that … I’m amazed at some people who would actually think that people would pay to see their body/face/hygiene level on a photo shoot and the audacity to send in their photos but try to keep it polite and turn them down, without being insulting but this one really pissed me off.  The guy was in shape … but what a fucker.  Wants us to pay him (or use him for free) without showing his face so his “wife and kids” wouldn’t find out AND  then … Read More

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I Want to be a pornstar !

Ok I know I shouldn’t poke too much fun but there is a point … or rather, what is the point?

I get 300+ emails per day including around 10 of potential models, I try to reply to all with either advice or to arrange work with them but why should I invest my limited time in the email below?

” would love to be in your pics”

Transsexual Model wannabe

I am for once, speechless.… Read More

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