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Thank You & Looking Forward to 2019. A Letter from Me to You!

Dear Supporters, Models and Partners,

Thank you for yet another fantastic year.   2018 has had it’s challenges as we continue to navigate through new laws, try different content ideas, lose some social marketing avenues and attempt to keep Grooby relevant, exciting and forward thinking.

As I’ve seen before, the trans niche expanded rapidly in 2017 as mainstream porn companies who were mostly ignorant to the scale or the issues with working in trans porn either  built new sites, brought trans models into their studios or made big announcements about their new productions.  In 2018, many of those came crashing down … Read More

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A Christmas Appeal to our Models, Supporters & the Trans Adult Community

I’d like to start by wishing everyone a very restful, happy and fun holidays and New Year. As the year comes to an end, I look to reflect on it, and how lucky we are to be working in an industry which we enjoy, in which we feel we make a difference and which brings so much enjoyment to so many people. It’s truly a privilege to be able to get up and look forward to going to work each day – and I enjoy the interaction I have with (most of) the website members, the models and my industry … Read More

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Members Surveys Results and Answers

Thank you to the members who took part in the survey.   As so many of you added comments, I think it would be fair to answer them here so everyone can share in the direction we can take the websites.

  1.  The majority of the answers came from ShemaleYum, Shemale.XXX and BlackTgirls
  2.  People mainly joined the site for the ‘type of’ or ‘quality of’ the content (77%) and 21%   were repeat members.
  3.  45% of people were members of 1 or more Grooby sites.
  4.  25% of people were members for less than one month, 23% for 1-3 months and 3-12 months and
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Tgirl Models : Only Debut in a Solo Shoot & Do Hardcore With the Right Companies.

With about 100 new TS models debuting each year in N.America and multiple sites vying to have the top ones (or the newest) work for them, then it can be a bit of a pitfall deciding how or where to do you first shoots.  Naturally, I’m going to suggest that you do it with Grooby – but you do have other options, and I’m going to give you the reasons you should choose your early shoots very carefully.

I assume that you’ve read through this blog a little – or at least this post and have decided you still want … Read More

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Why We Can’t Shoot You! Or … The (updated) realities of Trans modeling, 2016 Edition.

I try to update this every year or so and I think I’m a bit ahead of schedule, but it’s just became necessary for me to put some facts out there so models or potential models can get a more realistic picture of the industry and why they are not getting shoots.

I get anywhere from 1-10 model applications a day, or models hitting me up for re-shoots a day but in the last month it’s been especially bad (is tax season coming?). Emails from new models who we would like to work with, existing models who are looking for … Read More

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