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The Every Changing Transgender Erotica Awards.

Since it’s inception the awards have always been fluid.  Without locking ourselves into ‘must do’ we’ve been able to tailor and change the awards to fit with the times and the industry, from changes of names, to acceptance of sponsorship from different companies to adding or amending categories and changing of the venues.   This is important on keeping us current and relevant.

We originally had only a ‘Best non-TS Performer’ which in recent years was split to ‘Best Non-TS Female’ and ‘Best Non-TS Male’ when it was clear we couldn’t fairly judge them together.  With the rise of the camming … Read More

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TEA 2020 – The Pre-Nomination Phase

We’ve just opened the TEA’s for the pre-nominations.   So what does this mean?

Your questions answered;

  1. What are the pre-nominations?  This is the selection that we draw from  when compiling the nominations that go to the judges.  We look at all pre-nominations to ensure we’ve the right people, nominated in the right awards.
  2. Who can pre-nominate? Anybody can pre-nominate but we will lend more weight to industry representatives and producers.
  3. Can I pre-nominate myself?  Absolutely.  Go ahead.
  4. I’m a model, can my fans vote for me? This isn’t a voting or a fan choice – so please don’t encourage your
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Announcing the Reintroduction of the ‘Black Model of the Year’ Award at the TEA’s 2018

After checking in with our community, we wanted to thank everyone for their passionate input regarding an exciting new change to the 2018 TEAs.  Grooby is now proud to officially announce the return of the  ‘ Model of the Year Award’.
Like the ‘Grooby Girl of the Year” Award (which is open to all models who have worked on a Grooby site in 2017), it will be fan-voted by the members of that website over the past 12 months.   All models who appeared on that site during that time are eligible for inclusion, and their work on other websites can
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The Argument for a Black/Ethnic Performer Category at the Transgender Erotica Awards.

We used to have a specific Black Performer Award.  Up until 2014, (a Grooby website) sponsored it’s own ‘Model of the Year’,  the same way Kink, Shemale Strokers, Bobs-Tgirls etc. always have done.

We combined the ShemaleYum and Black-Tgirls Models of the Year into one fan voted, GroobyGirls Model of the Year for the last two years, mainly because it was hard to get enough people to participate in the voting process.  And that’s where we are now.

We’re looking at having a ‘Best Black/Ethnic Performer of the Year’ category at the TEA’s.  There are argument for and against … Read More

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TEA Nominations – So Many Nominees … So Few Spaces.



All nominations* are closed for the judging categories for this year’s event and I thought it prudent to make a few comments before they’re released this week, both in an effort to inform and to manage expectations.

It’s tough.  Really tough this year.   There are so many nominees, for almost every category that the cut off just to be nominated is going to be higher than ever.  This means established models who have appeared in the past nominations but may not have done the body of work or stood out this year, will be missed.   It means newcomers … Read More

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