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New Site Alert – Trans Male and Non-Binary Performers/Producers

I’ve been working the last month polling and getting feedback from trans men performers with the view to creating a website under the Grooby umbrella which would focus on trans men and non-binary folk (male identifying).

We’re now at the point where we’re looking to start some productions and looking for performers and producers.
You can find out more about producing here : Producers Wanted

You can find out more about performing here: Performers Wanted

We are not looking for cis performers at this time.

I’m sure there will be some questions, so hopefully this will answer some. Otherwise, email … Read More

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Why Are Grooby Sites So Expensive?

We believe in being as transparent as possible with our supporters and all of our sites have feedback modules, as well email links to contact us and let us know what’s up. I believe we’re one of the only companies which runs 100% it’s own customer service, and supporters get direct access to the webmasters, management team and company founder/owner.

This post is an effort to save me the time of replying with the same answers and facts to a couple of questions that come up time again, and to try to explain (and offer that transparency) to some of … Read More

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Happy Holidays … and a brief word on the TEA Nominations.

I’ll keep this short, as I’ve a longer end of year re-cap coming next week and just wanted to wish you all a Happy Holidays and I hope we can look forward to a brighter and happier 2021. With our 25th anniversary coming up next year, we did have a lot of plans and we’re hoping to be able realize and include you in some of them.

Everyone at Grooby appreciates how difficult this time of the year if for many people and the compounded affects of this year will make if even more so. Please reach out to friends … Read More

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Grooby Girls – Show Us Your Grooby Sweater …

… and get into Steven’s Giant Sack!

I always like to do something fun during the holidays, and now that most of the Grooby Girls have their sweaters it’s time to do a ‘Show Me Yours’.

Girls, post a new post with your sweater on and tag @groobygirls, @groobymike and hashtag #GroobyXmas and we’ll enter your name into my giant sack of fun. After the 14th, I’ll jingle and shake my sack until something pops out … and if what pops out has your name on it, I’ll send you a gift. It may be cute, it may be silly, … Read More

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TEA Nominations – 4 Days Left

Kristel has informed me we’ve over 200 pre-nominations returned already. You’ve 4 days left before the pre-nomination process closes.

As every year, it doesn’t matter how many times we ask – we get idiotic nominations which just waste our time. Girls requesting their fans to spam it (and they fill in every single category with that performers name) go straight into the bin. People nominating Vicki Richter or Yasmin Lee for ‘Best New Face’ and nominations for titles that were released years ago or are ineligible. Please take care on your pre-nominations. You can submit more than one model/performer/scene – … Read More

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