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TEA Show 2022 – Some Notes (Nov update)

Hopefully you’ve seen the new name change on the show, which we believe will take us nicely into the future.

The TEA Show 2022 will go ahead as a live event in some format unless things change for the worse. The purpose of this post, is to give you some information to you can make a more educated decision and travel plans, and to quash any misinformation by the uninformed.

Show date is March 13th. Pre-Party is March 11th. Avalon, Hollywood.

Grooby run the TEAs as a way to celebrate the trans adult industry, which historically had been bypassed or … Read More

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Reality Check for Trans Adult Performers 2021/22

I hate having to do this post, but I update it every couple of years as it saves me time repeating the same answers, to the same questions and hopefully if current or prospective models read this, it may save them heartache and expenses. There are countless stories of girls who’ve wanted to make a big splash in the industry (and may have done) – moved location, quit jobs, lost friends and damaged their mental health, before realizing that their expectations are often not met.

You can make a living as a trans adult performer – but you have to … Read More

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25 Years of Grooby – A Thank You!

Starting what was to become Grooby in 1996, I didn’t consider it a serious business. It was an easy tool to receive free porn and make a little pocket money on the side. If I’d projected that I could be running a company of this stature (with a worldwide presence and which had provided my family and myself with such a wonderful life), I think I would have taken it far more seriously and done things a little differently.

Perhaps it was because we didn’t take ourselves too seriously, that even after we took on employees, experienced growth and good … Read More

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Is OnlyFans Going to Continue in Adult?

I appreciate that a lot of you make a substantial portion of your income via OnlyFans and I don’t want to be an alarmist, but ‘forewarned is forearmed’. If you follow any of the industry news, it’s been talked about for a while, and the general feeling is that OF would love to go mainstream and bring in sports. music and personality stars. With recent issues arising on user uploaded content (see what is happening to Pornhub, Xvideos, etc.) there is also the thought that OnlyFans may be the next one in trouble. Unlike other platforms, OF has only recently … Read More

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New Site Alert – Trans Male and Non-Binary Performers/Producers

I’ve been working the last month polling and getting feedback from trans men performers with the view to creating a website under the Grooby umbrella which would focus on trans men and non-binary folk (male identifying).

We’re now at the point where we’re looking to start some productions and looking for performers and producers.
You can find out more about producing here : Producers Wanted

You can find out more about performing here: Performers Wanted

We are not looking for cis performers at this time.

I’m sure there will be some questions, so hopefully this will answer some. Otherwise, email … Read More

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