Grooby New Producer Search 2020/21

As the world’s leading producer of trans content, celebrating our 25th anniversary in 2021 we’re constantly on the look out for new talent. We’ve worked with many amazing producers worldwide over the years (and a few short-lived, not so amazing ones) and we’re very happy with our current producers, most of whom have been working with us for about 10 years.

As we continue to grow, and as more trans models become available and want to work, in many different areas we are looking for a select few to work with us.

We do not offer full-time positions. You are … Read More

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Trans Performers 2020 Edition – A View from the Inside.

Every year or so, I update this reality check for trans female models/performers in the adult arena. Given that we’re getting back to normal somewhat, there are a lot of models looking for work, which may not be available so it was time to get a new version out. While I don’t expect everyone to agree, this is taken from my 25 years of experience working in the industry although it should be taken as only my point of view. For the purpose of this, I’m mainly going to be discussing N.America.

First the good news …

… there is … Read More

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Announcing today the launch of

With almost 25 years of content, and featuring every major trans star during that time, across over a dozen sites, it’s costly and difficult for a fan to find every scene of their favourite model/s. We’ve solved that by offering a model’s full Grooby video portfolio for one price. No recurring billing, access to the content forever, and as a bonus, you also get any new content of that model added after it’s appeared on the main site. For some models we have content that’s never been seen on a website but was made … Read More

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Models: Usage of our Content on Fans or Clip Sites – MUST READ

It’s came to our attention that some models are using content belonging to us to resell on their clips or fans sites. We’re giving all models a 3 day amnesty to remove that content or we’ll have to look at what options are available to us.

As you are aware, when you do a professional shoot and are paid the full rate, and signed a model release, the rights to that content belongs to the production company.

You can obtain a copy of our release here.

We believe there is room for website production and model self-production to exist … Read More

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Where are they now?

One of the most common questions we get asked are variations on, “Where is XYZ model now?”. The most common answer is that they just had their time in the industry and moved on with their lives. Many trans women just want to try adult work without seriously getting into it either for fun, validation and extra income (or all three). Many, once they are out separate themselves from the adult industry and we hope continue their lives in ways that are fulfilling to them.

I thought it might be a fun project to find out where some of the … Read More

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