TEA Show Update 23rd January 2022


Keeping you informed. This is subject to change with local laws or if we deem necessary.

We will be having a Pre-Party at the Bardot (March 11, 2022), and although likely a smaller and more subdued affair, we’re hoping for a fun night of meets and smiles. The main room of the Bardot is well-ventilated and considered open-air.

The TEA Pre-Party – Bardot – March 11th

The TEA Award Show – Avalon – March 13th

The TEA Awards Show and the Pre-Party are invite-only. There will be no general ticket sales or doors sales. The … Read More

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Time For Tea? Nominations and News for the Show

Nominations are coming out later today in full.

Follow them on https://twitter.com/TGEroticaAwards and http://theteashow.com more on this in a minute.

Some news on the format of the show. We’re confident that the live Sunday night show will go ahead as planned on Sunday March 13th, however the pre-party is looking less likely due to logistics and Covid restrictions. We will be requiring everyone to provide a vaccination certificate along with their ID at the door. There will be no public tickets available this year, it will be an ‘invite only’ and limited to nominees, sponsors, media, those in the trans … Read More

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Transgender Day of Remembrance

We see you.

We hear you.

We remember you.

Each year we look at some of the beautiful trans persons whom are in our network, who have died. Statistically, with the amount of people who work with us, there will always be some deaths but the younger age and the cause of death of trans people is far greater than in the overall population. There are many factors which contribute to this, violence and fear, poor access to healthcare or mental health resources, mental illness, drug use and sometimes disenfranchised from society. We have and we will continue to do … Read More

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TEA Show 2022 – Some Notes (Nov update)

Hopefully you’ve seen the new name change on the show, which we believe will take us nicely into the future.

The TEA Show 2022 will go ahead as a live event in some format unless things change for the worse. The purpose of this post, is to give you some information to you can make a more educated decision and travel plans, and to quash any misinformation by the uninformed.

Show date is March 13th. Pre-Party is March 11th. Avalon, Hollywood.

Grooby run the TEAs as a way to celebrate the trans adult industry, which historically had been bypassed or … Read More

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Reality Check for Trans Adult Performers 2021/22

I hate having to do this post, but I update it every couple of years as it saves me time repeating the same answers, to the same questions and hopefully if current or prospective models read this, it may save them heartache and expenses. There are countless stories of girls who’ve wanted to make a big splash in the industry (and may have done) – moved location, quit jobs, lost friends and damaged their mental health, before realizing that their expectations are often not met.

You can make a living as a trans adult performer – but you have to … Read More

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