Grooby WILL Remove/DMCA Your Clip/Fan/Cam Content.

A bit more of an explanation on this – how and why?

As some of you already know, we’ve been removing your content (with your permission) when we see it on our daily visits to some of the tube and pirate sites. We have good relationships with some of the sites, and not so good ones with others but these are ones that respond to our DMCA requests or allow us to get them removed rapidly.

As we’re already putting eyeballs on the content, we can easily spot models who’ve worked for us and grabbing their links and adding it … Read More

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The Grooby Sweatshirt for Autumn 2020

In a year where most fashion collections were cancelled, our resident Grooby artist, Nicky excelled herself by coming up with our best release yet and my new favourite (sorry Grooby howling dog tshirt!).

We producer these as gifts for the models and send them out to models who have worked with us recently. I love to see the girls wearing them on social media and of course it helps drive new people to the sites to join, which means we can pay Nicky to do a new design and we’ve always got great merchandise coming!

This year we thought some … Read More

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TEA 2021 – Yes/No/Maybe?

I’m going to start using this page more, either to wax about what’s going on with Grooby, or to share news, new models or ideas and sometimes just to speak out loud. Don’t be afraid to comment, or contact me if there is anything pertinent.

It was disappointing to see both Xbiz and Internext were going to online only shows this coming January. One of my main trips of the year, which I look forward to the most, is having two weeks break from home and spending it with friends and colleagues while taking meetings and seminars. It’s a time … Read More

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2021 Calendar – 25 years of Grooby.

There will be a press release for the calendar later today, but as the person who is responsible (as part of a team effort) for selecting the models and the exact shots we use, I thought I’d suck up the initial buzz and give you the insight of what goes on when I make my choices.

We’ve had two extenuating circumstances for this years calendar. 2021 is our 25th anniversary and we wanted to do something different and unique – and 2020 has been such a challenging year with our production cut down significantly, we’ve had less to choose from.… Read More

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Tranz Fanz – Growing!!!

We’ve had a lot of growth on since we removed the monthly membership fee and it’s now 100% free for anyone to get access to the girls personal pages and get a lot of awesome free content. If you want to make a purchase, or tip a girl then it’s entirely up to you … or simply enjoy what the site has to offer.

New models include the world famous superstar and AVN winner, Ms. Allanah Starr, a name we haven’t heard in porn for sometime as well as new girls Lily Petals, BBW star Madame Morgan, Izzy Wilde, … Read More

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