2021 – … and beyond.

2021 started with the hangover of 2020, and the ongoing Covid crisis which has closed us down in some areas, so we had to continue to mitigate where and who we worked with. A lot of girls have wanted work, and looking back over the first 6 months of this year, there are a lot of scenes I’m unhappy with.

Returning models who turned up, frankly looking like crap – or new models whom we wanted to try, but over-sold themselves. It’s not all been bad, there have been some really awesome returner as well as new girls – Ariel … Read More

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2020 – The Craziest Of Years

To say that 2020 was a crazy year would be an understatement. Buddy, Nicky, Mike and I were at a Tame Impala concert, 3 days before the TEA pre-party and upon leaving, heard that California was closing all indoor events. A few hours later, having assessed the situation I made the call to postpone (and eventually cancel) that years TEAs before flying back home a few days later. Since 1996, I’ve travelled about every 3-4 weeks, either for work or pleasure and the only times I’ve stayed home longer was for the birth of my children. I makes for an … Read More

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2019 – Grooby Girls Keep’s Delivering!

In 2019 we moved to our current format, which includes a weekly hardcore scene, a ‘Try out Tues’ which will always be a brand new girl, and a one-shot ‘Cumshot/Orgasm Monday’ scene. Weds and Fridays have reshoots, and at the weekend we show our older content, re-worked in better quality. I know we’re not the cheapest site on the internet, but also know, that there is no other trans site which gives you better value for money. While not every model will appeal to every fan, each week there should be enough real hits for each supporter.

2019 had some … Read More

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2018 – Daisy Taylor Breaks The Internet

In 2018 we rebranded to GroobyGirls.com. It was something we’d been working on for two years. Nicky had joined us to do merchandise designs, and we’d been sending out ‘Grooby Girls’ or ‘Grooby’ shirts, hats, stickers, etc. The goal to associate ‘Grooby’ more with the sites, and it was Danny who’d coined ‘Grooby Girls’. The exposure of trans people into mainstream media, and adult content has changed a lot since we started. When I came up with ‘Shemale Yum’, at no point did I expect that to become a divisive and derogatory term. It’s what the girls called themselves (that … Read More

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2017 – Difficulties …

There have been some difficult years, and some interesting years. While we felt we were firmly cemented as the premier producer of trans content (producing at least 150 scenes a month worldwide), we were not without competition. With the presence of trans girls in the media, and models like Aubrey Kate, Chanel, Natalie, etc. starting to get more recognition, I started to see a lot of companies try to get into the trans niche … make a big PR announcement, spend a bunch on a shoot or two, and then never produce another trans scene. It’s not surprising, there is … Read More

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