Want to Model?

If you would like to apply to model for our websites please read the appropriate information on the below links:

Transsexual and Female Models

Male Models

2 Responses to Want to Model?

  1. Nothing yo comment, just love reading your advice column and to say keep up the good work.

  2. Alexander888 says:

    I am new, so forgive me if my question comes across any other way I intended or if I use the wrong vocabulary. How can I, a lover of transexuals, transwomen, and shemales, the most exotic, sensual, and perfect beings, get cast in films with them? And I have always wanted to be submissive in sexual roles to please every inch of their magnificent bodies orally, kiss, lick and swallow and ultimately topped by one, two, or a group depending on the storyline. I am mature, educated, healthy, fit, respectful, w/ exceptional hygiene, endless fantasy, and open to new adventures. I live near Los Angeles and am willing to travel. I humbly await a response. Thank you.
    P.S. I love the lingerie worn by the models, and although I am not passable, I enjoy wearing it all.

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