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3 Responses to Want to Model?

  1. Jesse Fanning says:

    Hi my name is Jesse and I would love to do sissy porn me being the sub. I am 35 years old 5”11 215 I live in centereach New York Long Island my address is 47 lake grove Blvd centereach New York 11720. My email is jetsfan3947@gmail.com my phone number is 631-905-3257

  2. Tiffany Fox says:

    Hello boss, I am looking for sponsorship money to transsex. I live in Vietnam 22yo just only pure bottom exclusively female role. Could you give me a sponsorship and money? I glad to be your asian tgirl model. Please help me

  3. Traci west says:

    Hi I am coming out slow at moment an have gotten so much support here lately an after life of hiding from this it’s time love watching other trannys on porn an been a dream for me to do porn an modeling as trans have plan getting out debt next few years so that stuff want cause me not to make it as girl have good job but can’t be a girl here but if I had a chance in industry that could bring same income I wouldn’t have issue leaving current job an going full time as trans an don’t mind having to take time an slowing getting into industry just tell me what I would need to do to get started into it thanks

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