So You Want To Be a Male Performer (Revised Nov 2014)

Male performers must read this prior to replying. If you haven’t read this and followed the instructions, then your email will just be deleted.

I get between 3-8 applications to be a male performer every day. Most are un-realistic and mediocre applications from guys who either have no place in front of a camera or from applicants who haven’t got the brain cells (not necessarily needed for the actual job) or the committment to let me know where they are, include reasonable photos and what they’re into.

For 18 yrs I’ve answered every applicant and I know longer have the time to do so, so this post/FAQ is to save my time and potential applicants.
A few words about the male performer job. We shoot transgenders in various hardcore scenes. You are a moving prop, there to make the TG model look good and give her something to interact with. You are not the star of the show and nobody is paying to see you specifically. You’re not going to get rich from it and the content will be out there, with your face on it forever. There are however, good male performers and not so good ones. The good ones tend to get on-going work, the not so good ones, don’t.

So how can you be a good male performer? First you need to fit the criteria below.

  • We are only looking for applicants in LA, SF, NYC, Miami area and Texas. Do not send applications if you are from any other areas or will be vacationing in one of the areas above.  We’re not interested in you if you “can travel” or “are coming”.
  • Be aged 21-late 40’s, in reasonable shape, have a cock that is at least 6+ inches (and can stay hard), well-groomed, have all your own teeth, clean and confident you will pass an STD test.
  • Send a selection of photos that include full length body shots and face shots. No need for up close cock shots but you should include a full length shot with erection. No need to send me a photo of your asshole either.
  • Be prepared to show your face on a hardcore TS porn shoot. No you can’t wear shades and a hat.
  • We’re not looking for subs – and we rarely use bottoms.


Inclue:  a your location, selection of photos, age and stats and any experience.   If I think you look like someone who we may be able to use, then your photos will be sent to the closest photographer who will only contact you if he needs new male talent.

Here’s what I don’t want:

  • I don’t care how hard life is for you in Pakistan/Iran/Saudi Arabia/Indian/etc.  Becoming a porn actor is not a viable way out.  No we won’t pay your visa, no we won’t change you into a girl and no I don’t want to be your friend.
  • No you cannot choose which models to work with.
  • We mainly shoot with males as tops although occasionally switch.  If your fantasy is to get gang-banged by 2 dozen tgirls, contact
  • I’ll be the judge of how good looking you are, how young people say you look or if the girls will “love you” or not.  Chances are you don’t look as good or as young as you think and the girls wouldn’t care.
  • No you cannot wear a mask.  If you’re that ugly then the girls don’t want to work with you – if you’re afraid of being caught, then this isn’t the job for you.

Just because we’re unable to work with you for whatever reason, doesn’t mean you can’t still make a go of it yourself in the industry.  Many male performers and producers started off by producing porn with themselves in it, having the type of sex they enjoyed with the type of girls they were into.   Get a camera, advertise for models and get your scenes out onto the many video on demand or clips sites to see if others enjoy your work.

If you think you have what it takes but aren’t in one of the areas we shoot in, look for other companies or solo girls who work out of your area.  Participate on, go to local clubs or follow our social medias.

Thanks for reading and good luck!


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