How to Apply to be a TG Model for Grooby – 2015

Thanks for coming here, you’re on your first step to becoming a model for the largest and most celebrated TG production company in the world. If you don’t know our company, please take a little time to read about it either at our Wikipedia or via our other blog Grooby Productions.
You should also familiarize yourself with this editorial which describes how the adult industry works and some realistic expectations of what you gain or not, from the adult industry … Working as a TG Model in 2015

Still here?

Where do we need models from?
Primarily, we’re looking for N.American and European models for Shemale Yum, Shemale.XXX and Black Tgirls although we would also love to source content from producers in Australia and S.Africa. We are starting a UK site in 2015 and looking to source new models from the UK and Europe including those visiting.

If you are a model in SE Asia or Japan, then follow the procedure below and we will forward to our Thai, Filipino or Japanese producer for LadyboyLadyboy, and Shemale Japan if you’re from China, Korea or other parts of Asia then please contact us as we may have projects coming. If you are from India, Pakistan, N.Africa or the Middle East – we do not have producers in that area, or plan to, we are unable to help you obtain visas – unless you can travel to one of our photographers in the UK, USA or Asia, then please don’t submit an application.

For Central and South American, we already source extensively from Brazil (Brazilian models may apply) and we don’t have a website to place other models although we may be able to work on specific projects with producers from those areas.

How to be a model?
We get dozens of applications a week from want to be models for one of our sites. We aim to answer everybody, even those we’re unable to work with. If we are unable to work with you, please read this entry entitled, Rejected & Dejected – don’t be as to the reasons why and what you can still do.

We’re looking for models of all ages, ethnic backgrounds, body shapes and sizes and types/styles. Shemale Yum & Grooby has been instrumental in bringing the widest range of transgender models to the internet. We need models who present a very good feminine appearance that fits within their style, clean and presentable. Somebody who is comfortable with themselves and can approach a model session with excitement and a good sense of humor. Models should be on hormones and in transition. We do accept post-op models. We’re do not currently photograph FTM transgenders but can forward your details to producers who do. If you are yet to start hormones or feel you are too early in the transitional path, or are only dressing part time for now, please look at our website

We currently have photographers working in N.America in Los Angeles, San Francisco and the Pacific NW, Las Vegas, Texas, Florida, New York, New Jersey and Toronto. Internationally we are in the UK, Japan, Brasil, Thailand and the Philippines. Our photographers in N.America do travel so I’d urge all to apply who fit the criteria, or if you have travel plans, let us know.

Many applications are rejected simply because of a bad application or bad photos. Please follow these very simple guidelines.

  • Send a selection of clear photos that include face shots and full body.   Camera phone photos are fine, a full nude should be included.  Do not send photoshopped or altered images.  Make sure images are large enough to be seen.   Do not send closeups of genitals without full body/face.
  • Include your location, name, age, stats and any other pertinent information, talents, hobbies, fetishes or looks.  If you have a special feature, let us know.
  • Send your images as attachments – we don’t have time to follow links.
  • Email all of the above to with subject line “Model App: Your Name”

What happens next?

You will get a reply.  If you do not receive a reply in 14 days, please re-contact us.  For models that are accepted your details will be forwarded to our closest photographer to you who will contact you to discuss further details.

Thank you. We try to shoot as many viable models worldwide as we can as well as giving repeat work to as many as we can.




FAQ and More Details

Do I need to get erect/cum ?

Based on what most consumers want to see, we’d generally be looking for models who can present themselves erect and can do a cum shot. We appreciate that with hormones, this makes it more difficult, so we’re not expecting a bucket of cum from every model but most models can manage a drop. This isn’t set in stone but generally, TS models would need to be able to perform.

What do I need to bring to the shoot?
Your photographer will discuss this with you but please ensure you are presenting yourself at your best. Nails, hair should be great. Hairless where necessary and clean. You should bring a selection of clothes and your makeup. You should also bring a positive attitude and a sense of humour. We expect models to be nervous and will work with you so you feel comfortable. You will also need to bring your state/federal ID (passport, driving licence, ID card) and one other form of ID. The photographer will discuss further details.

Am I expected to do hardcore or interaction?
We shoot both hardcore scenes and solo masturbation/voyeuristic style sets. Many of our models only do solo scenes and you will be under no pressure to move onto hardcore performances. If you come to a solo shoot, you would not be expected to have sexual interaction with any other person. We generally always shoot a solo scene of a model before offering her hardcore work.

How much do I get paid, and how do I get paid?
We have standard rates across N.America and Europe for every model. Your photographer will discuss them with you. You will be paid immediately after the shoot on completion of the model release, 2257 form and production of your two forms of ID. Normally, you would be paid in cash. If a model has failed to bring the ID to the shoot, it will be the photographers choice whether the proceed – and payment is likely to be witheld until ID is produced at a later date.

Working in erotica should be fun and you should enjoy working along with the photographer to produce some great scenes which are going to get seen worldwide – and get you a fan following. We discourage models who don’t have that attitude and don’t enjoy showing off their bodies and their smiles.

If you have experienced any problems in our shoots, you can get contact us at

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