Grooby Comics #9 – Allanah Starr freaks out at fat, foul smelling photographer.

Ok this is a few years back – so long ago in fact, it was Allanah Starr’s first ever video shoot (so around 2002 I think) and she’d only ever appeared on one shoot on Shemale Yum. We’d flown her out to Vegas where we were shooting and she was a bit nervous. I’d spent some time with her discussing what we were going to do for the shoot and when she was ready, I told her the second cameraman was going to come over.
The second cameraman, was a photographer we had called “Video Bob” from Florida. He was 50, over-weight, dreadful unclean teeth and really thought he was a great looking guy.
Allanah is ready for the shoot, second camerman Bob came into the room, said “Hello” and then went to the bathroom. He came out wearing nothing but his Y-Fronts!
Allanah looked at me in shock like it was a set-up (years before Ashton Kutchner had thought of it) – I looked at Allanah and then at Bob .. “What the fuck are you doing Bob?” … “It gets hot under the lights” He replied.
“Fuck that, she doesn’t want to see you when she’s meant to be getting horny”.

Allanah pulled off a great show and a great scene. A total professional but she never, ever warmed up to Bob. He died a couple of years later when his heart give up – he was a large man and he lived his life, larger.
(Find out more about him at Fallen Angels

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