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I’d forgot I was meant to be giving the true stories behind our increasingly popular comic strip series. Almost all the stories have some basis in truth – and sometimes the truth is stranger than the fiction!

I’ll catch up on the last few here.

Who else but Frank of course? We were both shooting cute Vietnamese tranny Kiana in Los Angeles back in about 2001. She was really having a good go with a big dildo and Frank squatted down to get “up close” when he farted … I started giggling with him – she laughed and the dildo literally shot our of her ass towards Franks head …

I was visiting Thailand with a friend who is often known more for his “bon vivance” that some of the decisions he makes and this was a classic. He decided to have his girlfriend (in America) name tattooed on his leg … along with one of his dog’s name? We’d all had a fair few drinks and he asked a bar girl to write the two names in Thai (despite the fact there is probably no direct translation – and she probably couldn’t spell in any case) … we’d bought the girl a drink and asked her to write something completely different. In the end, the tattoo artist saved him real embarressment but I don’t think his girlfriend was over-impressed … well she might have been but the dog wasn’t. We’re still not sure exactly what the tattoo does say!

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