Grooby Comics #8 – Monkey Tries to Fuck Shemales Hair in Amazon!

As ridiculous as this cartoon is … it’s basically true. Frank, Damazo and myself were in the Amazon, for once not hunting trannys but on an ecological camp and just seeing the world. We went to an area renowned for it’s monkeys. Here’s where the artistic license comes into play. There weren’t any wig wearing shemales with us. There was however, a toupe/weave wearing Brazilian photographer … but I thought it would be unfair to out him in this cartoon … oops 🙂
We’re looking up at a tree and this monkey comes down. I just comment on how it’s the exact same colour as Damazo’s rug when it jumps down and starts trying to hump his head. The weave was well attached (luckily … or not so) so he fought it off, as Frank and I, cried with laughter.

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