Grooby Comics #11 – PK Vegas gets male performer who turns out to be giant Turkey.

Sometimes it’s hard to get new male performers, especially for our Transexdomination website, which is why you often see the same males in many scenes. We’ve really had some weedy or strange performers in that site but they’re often genuine subs so it works for the context of a shemale dominating male site.

Recently PK Vegas had a hardcore shoot ready to go when the male performer dropped out only with hours to go. He put an advert on Craigs List for a last minute stand in and got a good response. “Biker type. large build, shaved head, good looking, loves trannies”.
What arrived an hour later was a middle aged butterball with receding hair … and PK had to do the shoot.
Trannies often lie about their looks and ages – but some men aren’t much better.

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32 Responses to Grooby Comics #11 – PK Vegas gets male performer who turns out to be giant Turkey.

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