11 Month Madness.

Oh dear, I’ve been meaning to start archiving the weird and wonder “G-Files” for a month or so now … and then this happened last night.
Too large for Facebook, too crazy not to be posted and frankly, not the one I’d have wanted to start this on, I would have preferred something short, snappy and funny.

This correspondence started nearly a year ago. You can count how many times below I told her how to apply to model – and I really don’t have the inclination to want to be sent bags of images via my PM system.
If she’d applied and based on the photos, I’m confident that we would have done a shoot with her but given the tirade of abuse and madness in this exchange, I wouldn’t place her anywhere near one of our photographers. I’ll only ever publish personal information in extreme circumstances and as a public service announcement – but I thought better of linking to her Facebook page. Friends and colleagues should be able to get enough from her first name and the few photos I’ve posted to know who this is (and they should then probably be very wary of her as the model mentioned in here who she slanders, is on her friend list).

Also (and this goes to anyone else who wants to have a go at me personally). Yep, I’m a pot bellied, losing my hair, 43 white guy. That’s me and I own it. I might be a “dirty old man” to a 20 yr old but if you’re 29 and calling me a “dirty old man”, it’s you that has the issue.

Here is the transcript from Facebook … starting in Nov 2013.

Conversation started November 25, 2013

11/25, 5:33pm Diane
I ve always wanted to send in pics for you guys! lol

11/25, 5:34pm Steven Grooby
what stopped u sending them in?

11/25, 5:34pm Diane
Im a plus siize… kinda shy but I’m working out daily and I’m not well endowed from hormones would that be okay?

11/25, 5:35pm Steven Grooby
plus size is ok – we look for femininity and overall appearance – follow the notes at http://www.grooby.com/seanchai/ and at the least I can give you some feedback

11/25, 5:36pm Diane
okay.. I have a friend who is willing to take photos of me tomorrow and u want full nudes.. as well right?
obviously lol

11/25, 5:37pm Steven Grooby
yes please – don’t go over the top just some pics that represent u well

11/25, 5:37pm Diane
Okay I hiope I’m good enough. I’m sure I can do this though thanks you for the advice sir

11/25, 5:38pm Steven Grooby
thank you! look forward to hearing from u

11/25, 5:39pm Diane
okay I will email you my stuff asap

Nothing was received but this is common – and not a problem whatsoever, we want models to be confident and sure they want to do this and sometimes girls wait years before coming in.

Conversation started February 08, 2014

2/8, 12:46am Diane
Im sorry it’s been taking so long.. I’m in the midwest looking for an diverse photographer..I’m thick too but you said before that’s okay

Conversation started April 19, 2014

17 photos were sent via Facebook Messenger … annoying but whatever.

4/19, 6:38am Diane
Im on the left.. never mind the grease conditioner in my hair Lol

4/19, 6:40am Diane
Im thinking about sending u a resume.. for months now.. u want me to send one baby?

4/19, 6:42am Diane
I got my moms skin!

4/19, 6:43am Diane
yes I do smile

4/19, 6:43am Diane
my pre madonna gap 2014

4/19, 6:50am Diane
I know they are not nude but I will be sending those shortly… I am on the cusp of my body weight.. plasr give me your opinion kind Sir.. I will work so hard for you
If U don’t mind I will be sending these to your colleages.. xxoo ~ Miss Di.. I would like my stage name to be Ivy Engles if your company decides to work with me Sir.

4/19, 10:38pm Diane
U like my pics? Im gonna email u nudes baby

(5 more photos attached)

4/19, 10:38pm Steven Grooby
can u follow directions at http://www.grooby.com/seanchai/ for models and send photos and info there thanks

4/19, 10:41pm Diane
you will not regret looking at me sir.. as u can see I’m a looker I’m so attracted to you too.. thank you for the link I really appreciate it and cant’ wait sir to see what you think !

… 5 days later …

4/24, 1:56pm Diane
I was trying to send everyone on my friend list a link to my page..I messed up Lol..I wanna put more pics up before I show u..you told me promote myself..I’m such an amateur at this but trying hard
(not sure why she thought I told her to promote herself?)

4/24, 1:57pm Steven Grooby
ok if u want to apply – that’s the link – good luck

4/24, 1:58pm Diane
My friend is taking pics of me Saturday to send u…. Now I’m more a corset stocking girl..do you want nudes of me front back and side or would one frontal nude be okay

4/24, 1:58pm Steven Grooby
just a frontal will be fine thanks

4/24, 1:59pm Diane
K sure thing

… fast forward two more months …

6/18, 4:12pm Diane
I’m gettin there!

… and a few days later …

6/21, 6:28am Diane
I just need to tone my arms and ass then I’ll b sending in an application..this fall at the latest? Or do you guys film 29 yr old bbw. Lol?

6/21, 6:33am Steven Grooby
hi yes we do – but please just email me when ready – as much as I like free nekkid pics – I just don’t have time to respond here thanks

6/21, 6:35am Diane
Totally get u. Thanks hunnie

… and three more months …

9/17, 5:03pm Diane
My body is almost right to audition ; )

Ok so this point, she’s sent through a bunch of photos and can’t follow directions, no big deal really although she’s still not emailed in an application, it’s fine, it’s just part of the job but when I got home from dinner on Fri 24th Oct. My Facebook messenger was full of photos and messages from one person. Look at the times, these came in over three hours while I was out and each message had a bunch of photos attached.


9:20pm Diane
my bod is almost ready for auditions.. pity u want full nudes.. im a corset… fully fashioned .. stockngs boots dominatrix type of gurl.. U think I could get away with sending ics wearing a corset covering y stomach like above … Id make you guys money, tans chasers adore me.. tell me what you think and ill keep ecercising’

9:21pm Diane
I love my whole body just need to work on stomach, I would send you udes but my stomach isnt nice right now .. but if you picked me id like to wear corsets

9:30pm Diane
If you gave me a chnage youwould not regret it id make you so much money.. I hope you consider it. yours, , “Ivy Engle

9:39pm Diane
Im gonna snd u some azz photos too stud just a sec handsome

9:52pm Diane
if you allow me to wer corsets r\or hughrise anties atthe beginning ill buff uo abd get a nice tummy. but i like being volptuous i will alwys be thick BUT I so wanna work.. the men will love me

10:10pm Diane
hows this sir

10:17pm Diane
change my hair alot but hey Lol

10:22pm Diane
12 YRS OF HORMONES shrunk mebut I still cum and get hard

10:50pm Diane
I will get breast implants and fat injections in my ass.. i Just need a job.. I will still send a conventional application.. just wanted to now if I could wear a corset and heels rather being nekkid in my audition form On the other hand ill be naked anyway if you call for it but I almost have my body right. I hope you are interested in me. I wnatto promote and seve you. My stage name wil be again.. Ivy Engle.. I hpe tohear from you. I know I;m not the hottest but there as you know diff genres and I;m sure I;ll fit in some place. : ) I’m sooo looking forward to hopefully hearing from you, so u can give me the go weather or not I should go on and fill out an ap. xxx lobe ~ Miss O (Ivy Engle

11:28pm Diane
me soft
im a bbw riht now but i hope you give me a chance to get my stomach right.. but some guys like bigger girls.. this weight is not permanent

11:41pm Diane
Iknowive sent you several messages but My weight has been an issue due to the tye of hormones ive been on, If I’m still too big I will keep trying untill my bidy is right ; ) God knows men love my natural tits and face .. and as Lol

12:12am Diane
I just made a video and you’ll love it I’m gonna send it to you here..I made the first video and I’m gonna get dolled up and make a second..I’ll send them here and to the admin address if that’s cool

(I come home)
12:13am Steven Grooby
I’m not reading anythig here at all Diane – if you want to apply the application is at http://groobysauce.com/ as I mentioned before thanks

12:15am Diane
So I hope I didn’t piss you off. My fault. I’m serious though any ts site would love to have me. You sound annoyed should I go to kink.com?

12:15am Steven Grooby
you’re kinda starting to piss me off yes

12:15am Diane
If kelly shore made it I sure as shit will
Whys that
(ok not sure why Kelly was mentioned?)

12:15am Steven Grooby
follow the instructions on email – or don’t

12:16am Diane
Okay so basically that’s a bad sign..should I go some place else?
I don’t wanna waste anyone’s time.. I printed off the admin address I was going there too should I not?

12:17am Steven Grooby
follow the instructions on email – or don’t

12:18am Diane
I’m a pisces okay I’m real chill I didn’t wanna cross you but looks like I did, I’ll try with you but I’m expecting you to toss me now, I’m new at this and have no guidance I’m sorry if I offended you
Can you forget all that I feel retarded now

12:20am Steven
just follow the directions …

12:20am Diane
Okay I will and you’ll like me.
I printed them iff
You’ll see me soon have a good day and I’m not kissing your ass I mean it. I’m doing this for me
Xx ; )

I go to bed.


12:28am Diane
You don’t have to be so hostile dam

Right duck this you greasy pig, I have a millionaire fiancée heir to ford industries.. I was gonna try grooby as a hobby.,you’re a disgusting pig going through a midlife crisis who thinks he’s hot shit bc he shoots porn..I’m going to kink you old fat piece of rat shit….by the way go fist yourself..you probs have aids anyway. Pathetic piece of shit fuck you fuck grooby

12:32am Diane
I’m gorgeous
U know kelly shore shits her pants lmao
You’re all disgusting I’m going stealth

12:46am Diane
Fuck ok I’m sorry I’m just frustrated. You’re actually hot for a guy older than me…I’m just frustrated and I need an artistic outlet, I’ll apply the conventional way. You’re not disgusting I was just pissed off. My mom was itailian okay Lol I’ll leave you be until I do or do not hear from u after the application.

12:48am Diane
I tried getting in all these fucked up positions taking pics w my tablet and it was really hard Lol and looked grainy for some reason but the video didn’t, I guess I’ll get a new cam. I’m talking pretzel freak positions Lmao

1:18am Diane
Whatever you fat fuck I’m going to the east coast and be an actress among normal people who don’t jack off to nullllos and fuck sheep and shit…are you going through a midlife crisis? You always post about these chicks going to lunch w you…u think it’s your good looks and your youthful body or the vaneer you have a lot of money? That cigar looks rediculous. Now go bend over and let your boyfriend fuck you some more you rude piece of shit. You probably have aids with all the ppl you work with and I’m not kidding..Kelly shits her pants..I dunno if it’s a scat fetish or what but I’m better than to stoop to the likes of you.i come from a good home and live in a tiny town and no one knows me. Your grooby girls look like clown circus freaks and you think you’re some kind of pimp. When I go to parties no one even know what the fuck a grooby is. ~ pathetic

1:35am Diane
And can we say mid life or late life crisis Lmao

… fast forward a few hours …

8:29am Diane
Ok I’ll follows email..epven though I tried and it didn’t work.. That’s why I was getting frustrated w you. You can hate me but I speak my melon. … You’re probs gonna reject me but I would make u lots of money keep that in mind. I’m still sending an app. I’m sorry but you were hostile twords me in my mind and it hurt my ofeelings and I felt stupid so I said horrid shit to you. I hope u can put it behind you and you will not regret it. I’m sorry again. I’m sure you won’t forgive me but we are involved in the same community we should be supporting eachother and not arguing. From the depths of my soul I’m sorry. You didn’t accept it last time but I’ll leave u be a while , let u cool off and I’ll try. Sorry I snapped but my hormones are all fucked up and I just want out of this pig shit hog tits cow fisting Midwest. You’re still hot and I’m sorry I said u were having a crisis I was just emotional. Now it look like a fucking psycho but I know how to work. I have been a professional model and have never fought with administration before. But again at least I’m not fake and I’m sincere in this apology. Just be cool and forgive me please, I will not let u down. ~ diana

Arrive back at my desk.

9:31am Steven Grooby
I was in bed when you emailed your rants. I would NEVER place you with a photographer. You don’t need to be doing this job. Don’t contact me again, please.

9:32am Diane
go fist yourself..I’m hot you’ll see me pig
yea but youlk place Kelly shore who shit s herself lmao

9:33am Steven Grooby
you’re mental – you really need some help

9:34am Diane
no you’re bitter and old

there’s plenty ts sites and I’m original and hot ..lick me old man

besides your rep is u rip girls off

and tons of photographers vwant mr..I just wanted more money or id been w u ages ago

dirty old man ..that’s all

6 photos sent through

9:43am Diane
yea my voluptuous ass will have trouble wo u Lol


Phew! I’m exhausted reading that.

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