Eva Cassini – Grooby Alumni No.1

Eva Cassini


May 2012.

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“Hi, this is Eva , 23 MTF Tgirl I sent in an email about me from this same address but wasnt able to send pics bcuz I was using my phone, but i am now at a desktop and i have some pics to send you , here you go 🙂 and also to reinterate, I am from Allentown PA, and I am VERY ADAMANT about getting breast implants VERY soon so I can progress better in the industry. Right now i am a 36B cup but i want BIGGER, teehee, among other things! 😉 With your help I can become that incredibly hott tgirl youve been searching for. I want great exposure and income and also my surgeries to make me an even hotter beauty! 🙂 and if you need it my cell number is _________ and this email is my primary, primarily bcuz its my only one lol. Thank you very much!
-Eva ”

May 2014

eva_012 eva_035 sc_001 sc_003

I think she DID get those boobs done!   See her at EvaCassini.com as well as a host of other places including Shemale.XXX

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3 Responses to Eva Cassini – Grooby Alumni No.1

  1. Hello everyone, I was born a little girl inside of a little boys body yet with me being very foolish naive and stupidly optimistic I thought all of my life that a family was either like the Brady Bunch or the Andy Griffin show, to in which mine isn’t. 59 beaten up years almost deceased several times in 2010 I was labeled multi suicidal because i thought in my own mind that I couldn’t become who I wanted to be but since then I’ve said “Fuck it I can!” My family along with all oof the churches in this area is against me my own family has divorced me but I am going to do what I want to and could care less about them. My best friend is a policeman running for County Mayor here where I live his boss the Chief and I used to work together in a factory he is married to a girl that I used to go to school with the cop who worked my brother motorcycle accident and got decapitated that night when I came upon it back years ago Beth Dyke (and she is one) is my good friend JoAnn Thompnson who used to be the secondary chief of police and a morphadike used to be my nurse at the health department so I have some pull in this town. I also have a golden engraved invite to William Jefferson Clinton Innaug hanging on my bedroom wall letters from Al & Tipper Gore plus 3 letter with his personal autograph from President Obama so I also have some real good pull from Washington DC. Government can’t work if they don’t know what’s going on with us. But my point that I am trying to make is through a federal grant I purchased this newest home 10 minutes walking distance on top of a hill near the New Walter State Community College here in Greenveille Tennessee. Here is my problem! I haven’t a caring family all of my friends are sharks and con artist in 2010 I took a bottle of kolinipin (is what they treat us with) am not supposed to be able to think much less be alive so here is what I purpose. Everyone including the next door neighbors is afraid of me because I have so much pull from the feds but my house will be paid for next year I have my living made come and go as I please have an ADT wireless system on my house but need maybe a room mate who doesn’t smoke, maybe she just needs a place to hide from her family (someone who is crossing over like I am) that is going into your industry someone just to hang with for a while not necessarly someone for me to service and she just leave. She must be clean neat willing to help pay er way I do not want anyone who is into drugs at all. The doctors tell me that I should live alone yet as far as who I am I am in the middle of no where. If you should happen to know any younger legal aged models or even older models who are ready to just give it up. I will say the biggest thrill of my life was when I actually spoke to Jayme Payge over the telephone she along and Bailey Jay Grangier have been very good friends on face book. I was forced into an early retirement come and go as I please and am living my life to the fullest. I do transsexual writing to occupy my time along with some volunteering but my real goal is to find my shemale soul mate for the rest of my life and when I pass away I can be cremated leaving my entire estate to my beautiful kind caring and loving goddess. Thank you …Valerie Hall or alsa Albert Holt but you can just call me Val or Valerie

  2. Rusty Eldora says:

    Wow, in two short years Eva has gone from great to totally amazing, with more to come.

    Thank you Steven for doing this series.

  3. Hello Eva, I really don’t care what you look like as long as you don’t smoke used illegal drugs or am just using me as a sexual quick fix. I’m not even sure if I can have sex again Eva, I’ve had three prostate surgeries stage three kidney failure yet i am on depakote because I have sezures could die inside of my home. I really need someone like you Eva because, well, yesterday was my dad’s 91st birthday he’s lost his mind because he has demnsna mom is 86 has had three heart catherizations so she just quilts to keep from loosing her mind. My sister a year older than I am won’t reach her next birthday she’s dying of terminal liver and pancratic cancer my older sister won’t speak to me I don’t know where anyone lives but my mom & dad yet even they don’t want to talk with me because I was born the way that i couldn’t help. Where are you located Eva? I have an 8 year old home it will be paid for if I live I really could be persuaded maybe to leave it to someone. Let’s face it Eva, I’ve lived a life in hell for 59 years I won’t live another. Will you talk to me please!

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