Eva Cassini – Grooby Alumni No.1

Eva Cassini


May 2012.

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“Hi, this is Eva , 23 MTF Tgirl I sent in an email about me from this same address but wasnt able to send pics bcuz I was using my phone, but i am now at a desktop and i have some pics to send you , here you go 🙂 and also to reinterate, I am from Allentown PA, and I am VERY ADAMANT about getting breast implants VERY soon so I can progress better in the industry. Right now i am a 36B cup but i want BIGGER, teehee, among other things! 😉 With your help I can become that incredibly hott tgirl youve been searching for. I want great exposure and income and also my surgeries to make me an even hotter beauty! 🙂 and if you need it my cell number is _________ and this email is my primary, primarily bcuz its my only one lol. Thank you very much!
-Eva ”

May 2014

eva_012 eva_035 sc_001 sc_003

I think she DID get those boobs done!   See her at EvaCassini.com as well as a host of other places including Shemale.XXX

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