The Grooby Alumni … From their application emails and photos … to their latest shoots!

I thought this would be a fun project and of interest to those who enjoy seeing how the fabulous girls have progressed.   I get a 10-30 model applications a week and for various reasons only a small handful ever get photographed and appear for us.    Often the difference between application photos and the model that appears on the site can be huge and occasionally not always for the best.  We don’t have the ability to do test shoots – but a photographer will turn away a model from the shoot and cancel, if she looks drastically different (for the worse) or has misrepresented herself.

I’ve obtained explicit permission from these models to show their initial applications and photos and I thank them for that.  If they do wish for anything to be removed in the future, then please let me know.  I’ve also amended the application emails if there was anything too personal in there.

Shemale Yum and Grooby’s intentions have always been to show a large selection of models of various types and our spectrum goes from 18 yr old to mature, super skinny to BBW, early beginners to post-op models or those who have been fully transitioned for a long time, all different ethnicities and everyone from the transgender spectrum.  Many of our models started our very early in transition on ShemaleYum and since graduated to and Shemale.XXX as well as getting the exposure to work on other sites, DVD’s and launch their own brands.   We’ve a new site starting very soon that will attempt to encourage and showcase models very early in transition and follow their progress.  Watch this space!

I’ll update and add these as much as I can.  Look for the new category of Grooby Alumi.

I’m going to do a new post for each model, so she can link to it if she wishes and to give each their maximum exposure.   Give these girls some respect.



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2 Responses to The Grooby Alumni … From their application emails and photos … to their latest shoots!

  1. D. Dash says:

    I saw Buddy Wood’s Shemale Neighborhood 2. I liked the bonus scene. Her name is Elizabeth. I been trying to find other videos of her, I’ve had no such luck. Could you find out what other names she goes by? Thank you

  2. miguel. m says:

    How can i apply to be a pornstar on this

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