2004 – The LA Years!

There are vintage years where it seems almost every model is a hit, and the 2003/2004 period was just that.  Tony Vee was continuing to shoot like crazy, we were getting great content from Steve and Video Bob.  Grooby and Shemale Yum was becoming a ‘thing’, girls were contacting us asking to work with us.  I was shooting in LA and San Francisco with stars and although it was still a struggle to fill up the updates, we were getting the content in.  At this time Shemale Yum was running as a magazine format with updates every Sat of 4-5 models and a full editorial.  Once seen, you had to wait until the following week for more.

For 2004 I selected an absolute legend.  I first met Vicki in Queen Mary when she just started coming out.   She was a combination of being a little nuts (not in a bad way), very intelligent, could get intense, and liked a drink.    From the first time I met in 2001, to when I first worked with her in 2004 she’d developed massively and was one of the first models to really understand the power of her own brand and how she could leverage that on the internet.   She had a massive following, and I’d love to know where she was now – because if anyone deserves a TEA award, Vicki does!

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