2005 – We are ‘a thing’ !

Shemale Yum and Grooby became a ‘thing’! We were getting published by AVN, we were going to shows, we were appearing at clubs across the country and I believe by now, I realized that this wasn’t just a passing fad and for 9 years I’d been developing as a business person and not just a horny Brit looking to photograph gorgeous girls. I also belive it was around this time we found our IP, which was to show the widest range of trans models. Where sites like Shemale Club, or Shemalexxx.com would work with the stereotypical big stars, I wanted to show them AND the girls next door, and show how exciting they could also be. I had an illuminating dinner with the owner of a site called Amateur Teen Kingdom (ATK) which I’d always loved, and saw our business model was similar, and looked at ways we could develop a better end user experience, as well as try to do the right thing by all the models we worked with. I’ve always been a very empathetic individual, and I wanted to see if Grooby could be that sort of company – something I think we’ve managed to develop year on year.

Video Bob delivered a set of Jasmine, a model who he’d worked with in 2002 (and had worked with Frank) and she was returning as a postop. I believe we had earlier postops, but this may have been our first model whom we’d worked with before and after surgery. The shoot was loathed by many, but applauded by an equal number and we’ve continued to show postop models, developing a site that also specializes in those girls.

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