2012 – The TEA’s, New Producers & Jane Marie

Radius Dark, Omar Wax and Kilakali all joined us in 2012 and changed the content substantially. Each shooting in a different style, they upped the game for the other producers as along with PK Vegas, they were invested in improving the image quality and lighting. Models loved what they do, and continue to do so. All three have contributed some of the best models we’ve ever seen, and been an integral part of the company.

During this time, Grooby started the TEA awards as a proper show, it grew it’s brand as Grooby, and with the producers started to look for ways we could increase our exposure worldwide and not just to trans fans. Kristel developed our outreach while Mike, originally brought onboard to do anti-piracy started to work more on marketing and talent.

My stand out girl for 2012, is of course, Jane Marie. Someone we were lucky to get very early in her career and who has worked with us since. I’ve spent some time with her in the last few years, and she’s actually a really cool girl with a wicked sense of humour. I don’t need to tell you how beautiful she looks.

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