2020 – The Craziest Of Years

To say that 2020 was a crazy year would be an understatement. Buddy, Nicky, Mike and I were at a Tame Impala concert, 3 days before the TEA pre-party and upon leaving, heard that California was closing all indoor events. A few hours later, having assessed the situation I made the call to postpone (and eventually cancel) that years TEAs before flying back home a few days later. Since 1996, I’ve travelled about every 3-4 weeks, either for work or pleasure and the only times I’ve stayed home longer was for the birth of my children. I makes for an interesting life, but when that comes to a crashing stop, it’s hard to adjust to being in one place. I believe in acting fast, and having a disaster plan in place, I think most of the team work at their best under pressure and with a worldwide lockdown coming, we assessed the content we had, we rushed the producers who could work safely to overshoot, we made a few deals with content providers, we bought content from models directly and for the remainder of 2020 and the start of 2021, we were able to bring as near to normal service as possible. Our supporters accepted that there would be a few compromises, and we give out free memberships to our Archives sites for existing members, extended a lot of passwords for free for people immediately put out of work, reached out to our models and producers and weathered the storm. We came through relatively unscathed, and in better shape than a lot of producers who were confined to one shooting location. As one location locked down, we had other locations still able to shoot.

It was tough for many and still remains so for some – and I do thank everyone involved during that period. There wasn’t many new models for a while, but plenty models we could invite back to work safely.

There were two models who have to be mentioned as debuting in 2020.  Emma Rose who appeared in two hardcores on GroobyGirls (but is mostly on Tgirls.xxx) and seems to fulfil that All-American cheerleader fantasy perfectly.  She is this years Daisy Taylor, Hazel Tucker or Khloe Hart.

Izzy Wilde applied directly to the site, and was someone I thought was unique and sexy as soon as I saw her application photos. By the time we’d placed her with Radius, I knew we had a hit in her. She’s cute, and engaging and just comes across so real and natural. In the year since she debuted, I’ve seen her develop a lot already and I look forward to seeing a lot more of Izzy.

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