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Here at Grooby we’ve been making some changes across our whole company over the last 12 months, updating how our sites work to provide a better consumer experience, forging new relationships with models wanting to do more of their own work and streamlining our staff into positions that they’re the most valuable and which they enjoy the most.

Grooby has many projects running concurrently all which work with transgender models. We have our websites,  we have DVD production, we’ve white labels on cam companies & dating sites, we have content submitted sites like or our tube sites, we’ve just started our VR production and we have our solo model sites under the Grooby Network.   We run the editorial content for Transformation magazine, we have our promotional pushes (t-shirts, tatts, calendars and more) and we have the occasional live event.   None of this can work without the models … the talent.

We’ve recognised that our network is so large that it can be hard to navigate.  Models may not be aware of opportunities that we have for them to work on other projects,  or our producers may not know which models are interested or available in future projects.

Many of you have met Mike at the TEA show for the past few years,  and as our marketing director he’s been working with models across social media to help promote you – and us. He’s going to be adding to his multitude of roles,  to take on the all encompassing title of “Marketing & Talent Director”,  to be a contact and a conduit between new and existing models and the various parts of our company.  Interested in having a solo site with us?  Do you want to try our cam system?  Do you need the new t-shirt?  Do you have your own video content to sell?  He’s the man.

We want to work with you.  We can’t work with every model on every project, but we’d like to find the right fit for all our models, whether that is helping them develop their own solo sites, are getting them promotion for their cam sites.  It may be buying content off them, or finding an upcoming production that they’d be ideal for.  It may be as simple as helping them improve their social networking, or getting a feature of them in Transformation – or maybe just knowing your t-shirt size!

We’re creating a management database of all the models that we work with regularly, to enable us to work better for you – and with you. is your contact for any of the above topics.

I’ll still be working with him and available at as usual.

To ensure we’ve everyone’s details correct in the database, please complete the form below.

Thank you!


If you are interested in modelling please visit this page.

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