The Sorry State of Opportunities for Trans Girls Adult Models 2015.

  • You’ve been introduced to adult modeling and you enjoyed it.
  • You know that you can’t make a living out of it, but you want to do more.
  • You don’t want to do your own website but you want your followers (fans) to see more of you.
  • You just want a pick up a pay check for an afternoon’s adult performing or modeling.

I get it, and I empathize.   Interest in transsexuals is at it’s highest, trans porn still sells well but the opportunities for modeling have never looked so dim.   The aim of this blog is to show what the causes are behind this, investigate what might be done about it and hopefully change it for the better.  It’s directed at both models and producers as well as the affiliates that resell and market the content.

Ten years ago, a new cute TS model had many more opportunities to do on-going work then the girls do today.   There were numerous sites producing a steady amount of shoots, DVD companies producing scenes solely for that market and networks of solo girls sites which were making good returns.  A new girl debuting now, will get offered shoots with the few remaining main production companies but then find it hard to get ongoing work, something I’ve touched upon in my other posts Being a TG Model in 2015.

Since I wrote that post at the end of 2014, I’ve had to turn down re-shoots to over 100 models, ranging from superstars to girls who’ve only appeared once, just because we don’t have the slots to fill or the budgets to shoot that amount of material in advance (which just has a knock-on effect anyway).

Piracy has had a massive impact on all forms of entertainment but none more so than the online adult businesses, with content being stolen almost as soon as it goes up, creating a generation of people who expect to get their porn for free. Some companies have managed to ride this better than others, and survived reasonably intact, while others have changed their business models, or appear to be going out of business. As well as this, whereas once we received a handful of applications to model a month, we’re now getting that same amount daily –  there is an over-saturation of models all wanting work.

Even a couple of years ago, there were multiple companies shooting regular TS porn across North America. Companies shooting included Grooby,  Shemale Strokers, Bobs Tgirls, Shemale-Club/SMC Network, Trans500, Devil’s, Kink, Evil Angel and a few smaller producers were shooting dozens of scenes a month. Since then, two Grooby sites have ceased to produce new shoots (Canadian-Tgirls & ShemalePornstar), Shemale Club produces mainly non-American shoots, Trans500 who looked like they were going to shoot every US TS star, now shoots only Brazilian, Franks-Tgirlworld (also Grooby) is producing mainly Thai/Brazilian content which is where the producer is, Evil Angel only produce a handful of DVD’s a year, Devil’s looks like it’s producing less releases and Kink works only with very specific type models.

I’ve estimated the numbers of shoots needed in US tgirl porn; (per month)

Grooby = 24 solo 10/11 hardcore (across 4 sites)
Shemale Strokers = 10 solo and hardcore
Bobs Tgirls = 10 solo
SMC = 4/5 solo
Kink = 10 hardcore (2 sites)

I believe Evil Angel and Devil’s film between them have done no more than an average of 5 US scenes a month between them.  There are a few niche companies but they work with very specific types and I don’t have details on whether they are paid shoots or not, their exposure is minimum.

This doesn’t account for the solo sites as most of them are doing some sort of trade, instead of paid work.

Total Estimate = 48 solo shoots and 27 hardcore. 75 shoots.

Now in the first three months of 2015, ShemaleYum alone presented 70 different models (Black Tgirls had around another 45 unique models). From those 70, approx. 30 of them were brand new models, or models that hadn’t appeared for a couple of years – you can start to see why the slots get filled so fast. If Shemale Yum shoots on average 104 new models a year, to fill 336 slots and models from previous years want reshoots, then it’s rare for us to be able to come back to a model in under 6 months, if at all. This is further compounded, that as a company, we need to prioritize a model that consistently produces better ratings and results, or is new on the scene and getting a lot of buzz, so a small percentage of models will get more shoots, therefore eliminating opportunities for other models. Companies like Grooby and Shemale Strokers try to give as many models an opportunity as possible, but I’ll make no apologizes for our company when we have to choose re-shoots based on the best ones for our business, or having to turn away models from shooting again if I don’t believe they’ll recoup the investment.

It’s a generalization to say that the industry is at somewhat of a flat-line. Models haven’t had a rise in what companies pay them in years, but neither have the producers. This is because sales are stagnant (or even dropped) for many companies and many would be surprised at the low profitability margins involved in all porn production, but especially within the USA (which is why companies like Trans500, SMC, etc. are producing more outside the US).   This isn’t to say the business is dead, some solo models sites are flourishing, cam performers are doing well and companies like ours are continuing to show a small growth, which we aim to build upon.

Models – If you aren’t interested in working on your own website and productions, then opportunities are going to continue to be limited.  Many models are content trading with each other enabling them to produce great content at a fraction of the cost the companies do, this would be my best advice You can help yourself somewhat by building your brand and social network following, which may help you get new shoots.  Promoting sites or DVD’s you’ve been in goes a long way with producers (and signing up to their affiliate program gets you paid for that).

Affiliates and Marketers – You have a responsibility if you want to see this niche grow and opportunities to be there, to support new sites and products.  Take a look at your banners/links and see how many of them are feeding back to dead sites, or sites that don’t make a good return.  If an existing company launches a new site then throw as much traffic at it as you can afford.  If a solo girl has a site, then work on developing it.  Only by us supporting this sites when they’re new can we hope for them to grow and develop, which will have a snowball effect down to other sites, models and yourself.

I’ve seen some cool new things develop in the last few months.  Christian launched his Pure-TS website which has awesome content and could do very well and Michelle Austin, has launched an Trans man network which is certainly worth promoting.   Grooby is trying two new sites, one specifically UK models (or visiting UK) and the other a better version of which is problematic.  We’re working on a few other projects also.

My personal wish, is that I’d love to give as many shoots to as many girls as wanted them – but that’s obviously impossible.  I do feel bad, turning people away, I know how much it means to many girls but my focus has to be on the long term success of the company and all who work for it.   If we can launch a new site, that covers the model and producers expenses, as well as the server, billing, editing … without making a profit, then I’d be more than happy to do so, which is why we keep trying new sites and seeing what works, or what doesn’t.

I’m always open to new ideas, and exploring new areas, so hit me up if you have them.  For now, let’s think about what we can all do together.  In the toolbar of Tranny Masters is a list of companies who produce quality tgirl content worldwide and are still supporting the industry as a whole – and please, support new, up-coming trans content producers.




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5 Responses to The Sorry State of Opportunities for Trans Girls Adult Models 2015.

  1. Mint says:

    I would like to be model I’m 23 year old I’m pretty my email

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  3. I’m 5’5, 149lbs, have 28 tattoos, 22yo slim figure yet curvey.
    Looking to be a grooby girl. Love being spanked, tied up, and can be very dominant and have an oral fixation that’ll drive you wild. Hope to hear from you…

  4. TS Elize says:

    i feel that the biggest obstacle i have faced as a t-girl model with my own solo site today 3.29.16 is an internet ban on sexually explicit content. facebook, google, yahoo, microsoft are just a few. their TOS (terms of service) are making it impossible to store, share, view, publish or whatever any adult content.

    i feel like giving up. its not worth the trouble of being banned for a few page views or a couple clicks.
    i have also recently watched a mass migration of the adult film industry and internet adult film industry away from social network sites. i feel for you Steven, you are fighting for us and it seems like a loosing battle against these giants. take it for what its worth, its just my opinion.

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