Grooby Girls – Show Us Your Grooby Sweater …

… and get into Steven’s Giant Sack!

I always like to do something fun during the holidays, and now that most of the Grooby Girls have their sweaters it’s time to do a ‘Show Me Yours’.

Girls, post a new post with your sweater on and tag @groobygirls, @groobymike and hashtag #GroobyXmas and we’ll enter your name into my giant sack of fun. After the 14th, I’ll jingle and shake my sack until something pops out … and if what pops out has your name on it, I’ll send you a gift. It may be cute, it may be silly, it may be fun, or it maybe pertinent to something I know about you … it might be cheap, or not so cheap.

The only person that know’s what is in my sack, is myself – and many girls have tried to get gifts from it.

This IS running now.

I look forward to seeing all your gorgeous faces with your Grooby Girls Sweater on!

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