Accusing of Using a Real Girl!

Posted by Williamz on 07 Mar 2009
“The reason no one has ever seen any pre-op pictures or videos of her, is because she was born a woman. Also, to the idiot that wants to see (more) pre-ops? I think you are at the wrong site. Maybe you should find another site to visit, I hear there are sites with these things called women. UNtil someone proves me wrong, this pre-op is a FAKE. How desparate can BTS be to post fakes.”

This is the sort of rubbish I have to deal with on a regular basis since adding the comment system on Black Tgirls – every comment needs to be checked and some need to be deleted … in this case, “Williamz” is a well known ass (donkey?) who attacks the photographers and girls … but excelled himself in dumbness this week when he accused us of using a real girl instead of a post-op transsexual. Objectively, I’d say that it’s a testament to her excellent SRS surgery and the fact she’s a very feminine transsexual … but Sir, You are an idiot!

Is this is a real girl or a post op transsexual?Transsexual with man made vagina?

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