Can you get hairy, masculine, deep-voiced, black shemales ?

Another awesome email came in today, I barely know how to respond to some of these … but respond I do.

“I am a subscriber to Black T girls. I really love your stuff.
two suggestions:
1) Is it possible to vote for the models ? or evaluate them ?
2) I prefer very masculine ladyboys. If you could try to find more masculine models, I would appreciate and carry on subscription.
What are masculine models ?
Models who have a masculine posture, with body hair, large shoulders, tall, no bosom (all flat), a lot of muscle, strong, masculine voice, dressed in a masculine fashion, with short hair, aggressive looking).”

Hmmm … we have voting in place and any member would know that … and the masculine models he’s suggesting are just … men?   Anybody direct me to a black gay site for this guy? 🙂

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1 Response to Can you get hairy, masculine, deep-voiced, black shemales ?

  1. ervin says:

    like to meet you as my body fulfills your requirements( almost all). please be kind enough to contact me. im in osaka-fu.

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