More crazy emails from “I want to be a male model…”

We’re always looking for models and of course, we’re all different and I respect that … I’m amazed at some people who would actually think that people would pay to see their body/face/hygiene level on a photo shoot and the audacity to send in their photos but try to keep it polite and turn them down, without being insulting but this one really pissed me off.  The guy was in shape … but what a fucker.  Wants us to pay him (or use him for free) without showing his face so his “wife and kids” wouldn’t find out AND  then wants to dress in lingerie ???   It’s so obvious that he’s wasting my time by writing his own fantasy jerk off material, that I have no reason not to republish it.

Many of us are married or in relationships, it doesn’t stop us looking at porn … it may not stop some from performing in porn but expecting porn to adapt to your situation to keep you anonymous ?  Fuck off.

Attached are several real and recent pictures of me. I’m interested in working with Grooby and your lovely and feminine TS models. I’m a member of your Shemale Yum site. It is wonderful!

I’m an educated and professional 49-year-old white male. I’m 6’ 1” tall, and I weigh a physically-fit 175 lbs. I may be older than you usually go for, but I keep myself in shape and am in better shape than a lot of guys 10 or 15 years younger than me. I run or work out every day.

I’m your typical suburban married father. So we’d have to be very discreet. Maybe my face doesn’t have to be highlighted in any pics we take or videos we shoot? But I do have a tremendous lust for shemales that has developed over the last few years. I have been intimate with three or four shemales. I live about an hour west of Detroit Michigan near the state capital of Michigan – Lansing.

One scene I haven’t seen on your site or others is one I’d be particularly interested in acting out with Kimber James, Kelly Shore, that lovely new Sable or one of the many other lovely ladies on your site that I often jerk off to at home. I love to wear stockings, pantyhose, panties, and other feminine lingerie. I bet your audience would love a scene where a sexy TS dresses up her straight, married boy toy in her sexy lingerie and then has her way with him! I’m getting excited just thinking about it! A couple of the attached pics show me in lingerie.

I also have a self-shot and short video of me jerking off I could send if you’re interested.

Please have a look and let me know if you want to talk about a possible arrangement.

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  1. Lol thats some funny shit 🙂 x

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