All Hawaiian’s Do is Sleep All Day?

Ok here is a classic email from a clown who consistently complains.
Despite the websites being updated every Friday (our commitment is to get them up by Friday night on the East Coast … and we brought it back from Saturday updates a year ago … maybe if we keep getting earlier we’ll get back to Saturdays?).

Is this one of those guys that is so ego-centric that the world revolves around the time zone he’s in?

Man, relax – our updates go up every Friday, you can watch it Friday night, we’ve never missed an update!!!

“I think it would be nice iof the update happend consistently around
12 Noon Eastern time. Not everyone lives in Hawaii and can sleep all
day and when you get up its night in NY!

All anyone wants these days is consistency.”

The only consistency is your constantly strange emails. Oh, by the way, the webmaster is based in Norway where it’s currently something like 11pm … if he puts it up earlier next week, he’ll call you and let you know it’s up … hope your not sleeping?

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