Khloe Hart Blog gets a strange story …

The Khloe Hart Blog got a strange reply to one of the posts this week, in fact, one of the strangest customer emails I’ve ever seen. Look at the amount of time this individual has invested in creating a fantasy where a strange breed that spawns from he and Khloe, over-take the world.

Watch out Ron Hubbard, the latest cult is here!

Dear Khole I hope you get a kick out of this.

Charlie finds a new life (a purely fictional fantasy)
Charlie was an investment broker living the good life in a Hollywood hills mansion. He wisely sold most of his investments’ just before the crash. His assets now consisted of the mansion, a Murano, a Tesla, lots of cash and some good stocks. They (he and his wife, Darla) had a gardener and a maid, Kim. It was a bright sunny Saturday morning when Charlie went down stairs for breakfast. His trophy wife, Darla, was sitting there waiting for him. He kissed her good morning and she looked at him with a solid cold stare. Is something wrong, he said? She looked at him with contempt for a few moments and then said. I checked your computer for some news and found your collection of shemale porn. You son of a bitch are you some kind of pervert? Charlie was at first speechless, he thought he had secured his shemale porn collection. Well now you know, he said. I also know some things about you, my dear. I have noticed how friendly you are to Kim, how you are often touching her. Late the other night, I noticed you were not in bed so I went down stairs to see what you were doing. As I passed Kim’s room I heard soft moans. I carefully opened the door slightly and peeked in; you and Kim were both naked. Kim was on her back and you were eagerly licking her pussey. So if I am a perverted son of a bitch, what are you? If you prefer being a lesbian so be it. Shall we split up? That’s fine with me she said. I want the house, the Murano, plenty of cash and of course Kim. Ok you can have it; I will take the Tesla, the stock and half of the cash. There are other good things in the world besides pussey, he said, with a slight grin. They agreed, signed divorce papers and Charlie prepared to leave.
While Charlie loaded his belongings in the Tesla, he decided to head for San Diego, he knew that condos there were now dirt cheap and he liked the ambience there. The Tesla was fully charged and he headed down the freeway. The powerful electric motor pushed the car effortlessly. He knew he could blow away any other car on the freeway. If a cop started chasing him, he could be in Tj. before the cop got to Carlsbad. The Tesla was the closest thing to flying he had ever experienced. He wished he had a gorgeous shemale riding next to him. He had made reservations at the Hotel Del Coronado across the bridge from San Diego. He particularity liked the Coronado for its warmed salt water pool and the adjacent ocean. The porter took his luggage to an ocean view room with a balcony. After showering, he went down to the bar to relax and have a couple of drinks before dinner. The bar was rather dark and not crowded since it was early evening. As his eyes adjusted to the light he noticed at the other end of the room, a young women sitting by herself. He thought about going over and introducing himself but it took a while to screw up his courage. Finally he stood up and walked over to her table, and said. Hello, I am Charlie, are you waiting for someone? She said, no I just like this place. So do I, may I buy you a drink? Sure she said, by the way my name is Khloe. Charlie, where are you from? I just got here from Hollywood, my divorce is over and I am looking to start a new life. They chatted for a while and Charlie invited Khloe to have dinner. After enjoying a lush dinner of lobster, oysters and wine, they went out and sat by the pool and had a gin and tonic. Charlie asked Khloe if she had ever been in this salt water pool, she said no but it looked inviting. He noticed her lovely legs and wished he could see more of them. Maybe he could get her to go for a swim. Would you like to go for a swim, he asked? Oh, that would be nice but I don’t have a suit. The hotel store is still open, perhaps they have a suit, he said. Ok, let’s check it out. The store had a nice one piece form fitting suit that she liked. Charlie bought it and they went to his room to change. They then went back to the pool, Charlie noticed that Khloe had a very nice trim figure, her breasts were petite, her skin was smooth and her legs were lovely. She was blonde, not very tall and had lovely blue eyes and sensual lips. In other words, she is gorgeous. They jumped into the pool and enjoyed floating in the salt water which buoyed them up much more than plain water. As they left the pool, Charlie noticed that Khloe’s suit had a slight bulge between her legs. Humm, he thought. They went back to his room, showered and went out to the balcony. Charlie complemented her on her beauty and she smiled and looked at him. She said, I think you should know who I am, I am Khloe Hart. Oh my god, are you THE Khloe Hart the famous shemale? Yes I am, she said. Charlie thought to himself, oh my god I have died and gone to heaven. Khloe said, are you upset that I am a shemale? No, no, in fact, I have admired you for a long time. On my computer I have many pictures and some clips of you. Oh, so you are into transexuality she asked? Well I have fantasized about it a lot but never actually experienced a shemale. I must say I am delighted to meet you, can we get better acquainted? Well, we will see, my experiences with men have not been all that great. I quit the porn industry because the male actors were such morons. Nothing more than a cock with two legs
I plan to go looking for a condo. Tomorrow, would you like to go with me? Well I will think it over she said. I will phone you in the morning, OK? She said, I have to go now, and gave him a light kiss, thanks for a lovely evening. Oh no! She is leaving, what can I do to make her stay? I wish you would spend the night. We could swim again in the morning. Don’t worry, she said, I will call you in the morning. She opened the door and left. Charlie was beside himself, he just met the tgirl of his dreams and she left. He almost cried to see her leave. All he can do is pray that she will call. He turned on his computer and watched clips of Khloe over and over while he pleasured himself, god he wants to love her. He could hardly sleep all night worrying that she might not call. Finally it was morning; he was lying in bed with the phone nearby and his heart pounding. At last it rang! Hi this is Khloe. Her voice was just like her voice in the video clips, low and incredibly sensual. In the clips, every time she said “transsexual” he would almost cum. Shall I meet you in the lobby in half an hour she asked? Yes, that would fine, I will see you then. He showered and put on his best outfit and went down to see the most desirable tgirl ever. She was there when he came down stairs. She had on a brief black chemise type of dress. She was a knockout and everybody including the women, in the lobby were checking her out. His heart was still throbbing and it was all he could do to keep from having a hardon. They went out to the Tesla in the parking lot. Wow, she said, is this your car? Yes, she is mine, my electric lover, he said. Oh, do you cum while driving it, she asked? Well not quite, he said, but when I floor it I get a hardon. Interesting, maybe I could get a hardon riding in it she said. Well we need to find out don’t we. They got in and headed up interstate eight and when they found a clear open stretch, Charlie floored the Tesla, the tires squealed and they were pinned to their seats. Khloe screamed yes its happening! Charlie said, yes I have one too. Khloe reached over to his crotch felt the big bulge in his pants. Oh my, it is hard, Charlie then reached over and found a nice bulge between Khloe’s legs. Charlie said, Khloe lets go back to the hotel, OK? Sounds good to me she said as she caressed his throbbing bulge. They got back to the hotel and rushed up to his room. They tore off their clothes and got into a steamy hot shower and proceeded to passionately kiss, licking each other lips and sucking tongues. Their cocks were rock hard and rubbing against each other. They soaped up each other and enjoyed caressing their slippery bodies and hard soapy cocks.
They turned off the shower and lovingly dried each other’s cocks. Charlie couldn’t stand it any longer; he knelt down and kissed Khloe’s hard cock. You want to suck it don’t you, she said. As he looked up at her, he said, there is nothing I want to do more than to worship you and suck your beautiful cock. As it entered his mouth he felt an incredible rush of sensual pleasure. He eagerly sucked it over and over savoring the aroma of her hot sweaty body. He slides his tongue over the smooth cock head and around its turgid rim. Then he licks up and over the top to taste the oozing precum from the tip. He can feel her cock throbbing with pleasure as his own cock is enjoying his worship of Khloe. He becomes more aware of her moans and rapid breathing and senses she is ready to cum. With mounting excitement, he then grasps her hips and draws her to him forcing her cock deep down his throat. At that moment she gasps and says. Oh god, I’m cumming! keep sucking, don’t stop! He could feel stream after stream of her warm silky cum flowing down his throat, oh my god, this is so good, his limbic system is reeling with erotic pleasure. As he slowly comes out of his euphoria, she looks down at him and says, my, my, you like my sexy goodness don’t you? This is a dream come true, he said. Well, you served me very well, she said. Now it’s time for your reward, she said. She laid him down on the bed on his back. His cock was standing strait up and his balls were aching with sex. Looks like your cock could use some attention. She gently grasped his aching balls, grasped his cock with her other hand and licked precum from its tip. Then she began alternately lightly squeezing his cock and balls while she licked and sucked his throbbing cock. I want all of your cum, she said, as she continued to squeeze, stroke, lick and suck it, suddenly it happened, the dam burst and a flood of sperm laden cum filled Khloe’s mouth. She struggled to swallow it all without losing any of it, and succeeded. Well, Charlie, that was the best cum job you have ever had, am I right? Charlie was still trying to recover from the overwhelming ecstasy he just experienced. Khloe, I love you, he murmured as he began to fall asleep. Khloe smiled whispered in his ear, your mine. She then cuddled up to him and felt happy for the first time in a long time.
In the morning they woke up and sat up in bed. Charlie noticed Khloe was hard and he gently wrapped his hand around her lovely cock. She smiled and wrapped her hand around his rising cock. They leaned back, closed their eyes and savored the erotic bliss emanating from their warm sexy cocks. Charlie said, can happiness get any better than this? Khloe gently squeezed his cock, kissed him and said, I don’t think so. Khloe, I had a really weird dream last night and I would like to tell you about it. Oh good, I like weird dreams. I dreamed that as I repeatedly sucked you cock you would plunge it down my throat and pump lots of cum into me, I loved it. Then one morning when I looked at myself in the mirror, I noticed my titties were swelling. She looked at him and smiled, well Charlie, perhaps it wasn’t a dream. Would you like to become transsexual! Charlie, thought about that for a few moments and said, well if your transsexual sperm filled cum can do it, I am all for it.
A few weeks later, he told Khloe that he was feeling kinda strange and his titties were actually swelling. The strange feelings continued as he continued to consume lots of Khloe’s hot cum. He began to realize that he was not hungry for food much any more, Khloe’s cum was meeting his needs. Wow, he thought, I can live on transsexual cum. Khloe was providing him with not only sexual pleasure but his nutritional needs. Apparently, Khloe was also supplying him with some additional substances. He noticed some odd feelings around his cock, when he looked down there he saw some swelling around and below his cock. A few days later a little opening appeared just below his cock, he also noticed his body hair was disappearing. Khloe, look at this, he said. Khloe took a close look and said, well, well looks like you are growing a little pussey! Charlie was shocked, but strangely excited, he wondered if all of that sperm filled transsexual cum he had been consuming was somehow transforming him into a women. Khloe said, if that really is a pussey down there, you know what I am going to do? Charlie said, what? Ummm, I am going to fuck your brains out! Over the next few weeks, Charlie continued to live on Khloe’s delicious cum and continued the transformation into a women. He developed rounded hips, lovely plump breasts, a smooth hairless body, long hair and lovely lips. This made Khloe extremely excited, she was constantly loving him, anxiously waiting the time when his pussey would be ready. One morning she went down to suck his cock and noticed some moisture between the new pussey lips. She opened the lips and could see the vaginal entrance full of moisture. She exclaimed, it’s ready! A wave of excitement rushed over Charlie. Are you going to fuck me he asked? LOL what a question, I have been waiting weeks for this moment. She eagerly began licking up Charlie’s fresh pussey juices. She then presented her aching she cock to Charlie’s pussey and said to it, you are now going to enter Charlie’s brand new pussey. Charlie’s pussey was producing abundant love juices as Khloe’s throbbing cock plunged into his welcoming vagina. Khloe said, well Charlie, your name is now Char. I like that, “she” said, Char loves you, Char wants you to fuck her brains out. Khloe’s lust for Char’s new pussey was insatiable. She kept Char pumped full of cum every night, although she allowed Char enough cum to keep her cock sucking urges satisfied. .
After several weeks of almost continuous fucking, Char began to feel strange again. Khloe, I feel something in my belly, do you think I might be pregnant? Khloe said, we will soon see, won’t we, as she smiled? The swelling increased rapidly and soon Char could feel movement. Khloe enjoyed laying her head on Char’s belly and feeling the movement. I think you have twins, she said. As the “twins” were developing, Char and Khloe continued their active lovemaking. Khloe particularly loved sucking Char’s cute cock. Khloe would begin by licking Char’s pussey and Char’s cock would quickly respond awaiting Khloe attentions.
At last the big day arrived, Char’s contractions started and she began to push. Amazingly, the twins quickly popped out, one after the other, with a minimum of effort. They were quite small, did not cry and immediately opened their big blue eyes. They looked like regular babies except for one thing, they were hermaphrodites! They each had a nice little pussey and a cute little cock. They named them Kimmie and Konnie. Soon they developed into young girls that looked look a lot like those cute transsexual Japanese futanari girls. As the girls matured they loved playing with each other, kissing and caressing. By eight years old they were maturing rapidly. Their breasts were developing into lovely firm petite titties with lovely plump nipples. They were not very tall. They were comparable in size to the lady boys in Thailand, but more shapely . Their clitty cocks were enormous when hard, probably as big as Mint’s huge cock. When they got excited their cocks became greatly enlarged and they loved playing with them. Char would try to get them to stop but it seemed futile. One evening Char noticed that the usual chattering coming from the twin’s room was silent. She went up to their room to check on things, she slowly opened the door and found the twins sitting on the bed bent over and sucking their big hard cocks. They were making little moaning sounds as the pleasure flowed from their lovely cocks into their excited young bodies. Char found the view incredibly erotic, she just stood there and watched her girls pleasure themselves, thinking, god, I wish I could do that.. The twins continued sucking and stroking their big hard cocks, they obviously loved it. Khloe arrived to see what was going on. When she saw the twins pleasuring themselves she said, well they are learning quickly aren’t they, they are so lucky to be able to do that. I wonder what else they are going to do with those big cocks? Soon Kimmie came first, she attempted to swallow it but there was so much cum it flowed out of the corners of her mouth. She released her cock and used her tongue to lick up the cum dribbling down her chin. Konnie also came but she took her cock from her mouth first and allowed the cum to shoot into the air and it landed all over her face. She wiped it off with her fingers and offered some to Kimmie who licked it off Konnie’s fingers. Oh my, Kimmie said, it tastes so good, I am going to want more of that soon. Khloe also noticed as the twins sucked themselves their pussies were not only wet but dripping pussey juice, humm, she thought, that sure looks good. The twins completed their self orgy and Khloe gently wiped up the pussey juice with a wash cloth, tucked the girls into bed and went into the bathroom and licked and sucked the cloth, savoring the delicious juices of the girls sweet pussies.
A few nights later Char again heard moans and squealing coming from the girl’s room. She opened the door and Konnie was on her back curled up sucking her cock with her legs over her head while Kimmie was fucking her fully exposed wet pussey. A true futanari moment, Char thought! Char went and got Khloe, you have to see this, she said. The girls were oblivious of the onlookers, they continued to suck and fuck as if nothing else in the world mattered. Char said to Khloe, did you ever imagine that we would have such horny progeny? Khloe said, well perhaps!
Again a few nights later Char heard more noise coming from the girl’s room. She got up and quietly opened the door to their room. The girls were squealing with pleasure as one was fucking the other one. Oh my, Char thought, and went to get Khloe. They came back as the squealing and panting was increasing. Konnie was on her hands and knees while Kimmie was behind her fucking her doggy style. As they looked closer, they realized the twins were fucking each other! Konnie had her cock turned back and inserted into Kimmie’s pussey. They were fucking each other at the same time! Char and Khloe watched while both twins had orgasm after orgasm. Finally they became so aroused that they went back to their room and fucked the rest of the night. In the morning, the twins came into their room and jumped onto the bed. Guess what we did, Konnie said. Khloe and Char sat up and Khloe said. Well what have you two been up to this time? Well we were playing around last night, you know, kissing and wrestling around and suddenly our cocks started getting real big. We played with them, stroking and squeezing them. It felt so good. Then we noticed our pussies were getting wet so Kimmie started rubbing her cock around my pussey lips getting the tip of her cock all wet. I got on my hands and knees and bent way over sticking my butt and pussy into the air. Kimmie soon pushed her hard cock in me doggy style and started sliding in and out by thrusting her flexible hips. I said oh, its so good Kimmie, I want my cock in your pussey. Kimmie reached down and grasped my cock and pulled it back to her dripping wet pussey and then slid it in. Kimmie started thrusting her hips and got her pussie fucked by my cock. We can’t wait to do it again, right Kimmie? Khloe said, well that was a very good description of what you did. Did you know that we were watching you?
The girls were very intelligent. They got straight “A”s in high school and were favorites of the teachers. They didn’t socialize much with the other students, however. They pretty much stayed to themselves, LOL! Occasionally they went to parties and horny boys noticed how beautiful and sexy they looked and tried to hit on them but they showed little interest. They continued their nighttime pleasures as they became fully mature. One morning, Kimmie came down for breakfast and exclaimed, look my tummy is swelling up! Khloe smiled and thought, well good for you Kimmie, things are going well! It was not long before Konnie also announced she was pregnant. Char asked Khloe, what kind of babies do you think these futanari girls are going to produce by fucking each other? Khloe answered, they have a destiny as you will soon see.
Both Konnie and Kimmie produced perfect hermaphroditic babies. They grew up and also produced more beautiful horny futanari. Their progeny then produced many more babies than regular people and eventually they became the dominate humans all over the earth. Since everybody had a cock and a pussey and they were primarily interested in sucking themselves and fucking each other, violence between humans disappeared and wars ended. As the world returned to peace and harmony after thousands of years of mayhem, God said, “Damn, why didn’t I think of that when I created Adam!”.

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