Refund me please I didn’t mean to buy membership. Thanks.

I like to think that Grooby has the best customer service of any adult site, I’m fairly confident in that as I pick up selections from our customer service desk myself and answer them … but we’re not going to be pushed over, or stolen from, so when this piece of work emailed me this morning;

“Refund me please I didn’t mean to buy membership. Thanks.”

I had just the response;

“Can you clarify what you mean by ‘I didn’t mean to buy membership’ ?
While viewing the tour, did your hand accidentally slip to the join button, where it then randomly typed in a series of numbers which somehow managed your to match your credit card.   Did you then not mean to type in your home address?  After this calamity of errors, perhaps the mouse fell off the desk, where it continued to click into the members area, before downloading 970MB of transgender porn.   Perhaps in your haste to pick the mouse, your hand got caught on your penis and in disgust moved rapidly until …  and then you realized you ‘didn’t mean to buy membership’ ?

You can cancel from the bottom of any of our pages.   If you want to send us a check for the 970MB you downloaded, I’ll be happy to refund your membership.  Otherwise, unless you have more extenuating circumstances, you’ve paid for this service and we’ve delivered what you paid for.”


Just another Saturday morning.

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