Small Cocked Psychologist from South Africa Wants to Stop Big Penises Ruling the World!

So this came in today..

“Hello. I am a psychologist from South Africa. I am sending this to any porn company I can find, because I think reading it might slightly make the world a better place. My message is very simple, I don’t want to waste your time so let me get started!

I would ask you to stop perpetuating the stereotype of everyone having “big penis”. It is something that affects many young men after hundreds and hundreds of hours watching porn. In a world where self confidence is plummeting and mental conditions are on the rise, even this seemingly small misconception affects millions of men worldwide (and society itself). I know you are aware of the “size matters” myth, while objectively true it is greatly exaggerated and does a lot of harm. I know you as a company create content based on lust, illusions and fantasies, what I propose is simple to follow and won’t hurt either the appeal of your content or your profits.

Simple steps you can make:
1) Refrain using words like big/huge unless the model is above 7-8 inches. These words are thrown around and many times are exaggerated because lighting/angles/size of the model.
2)I see your websites have some measuring pictures. These don’t harm the fantasy while providing a cleared reference to many young men. I would encourage these ( especially to the above average and well endowed models). It is also important to do it properly, with a ruler pressed into the pubic bone right above the penis,and taking a clear picture afterwards. Same thing with girth.

These will make the world better and be of no cost to you. The impact might be minuscule, however considering your size as a company these simply changes could affect hundreds, even thousands of men over the years, alleviating their anxiety and making them a little happier.

Thank you.”

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