More strange emails – does he want to be a model or?

This is one of the better ones:

EMAIL 1: 3.02pm

“The world of shemales is it true or is it false? My name is Carlos xxxxxxxxxxxx and I am from Thomaston, Georgia. My age is 21, and I have no nude pictures. Model experiences I was looking at one time because some much interest because of the spirits around me. I really was trying to find it out, and I am in need of a job because of much place I have gave to you all and with drugs. I would like to be a male model if anything could work? I have interest in straight pornography and I was homosexual. I would like some more model information.
Peace and love,”

EMAIL 2: 4.03pm

“I am sorry for the message, but, hey, I have some interest in being like a filmmaker.
I do not want to work.”

Accompanied by a nice photo of a good looking, black male.
I have no idea what he’s asking …

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3 Responses to More strange emails – does he want to be a model or?

  1. Yha and we were just sending you a joke about getting it done on film with ttree black shemales on video .lol. when that one pops up I’ve decided to withdraw my humer for today this guy gets the award lmfao.

  2. Well i just wanted to see what u had posted steve your rite about that most of this is all b/sso just ckkin in have a great weekend im going fishing in canada see ya around

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