Tim in Nebraska Needs Your Help!

Tim sent me this email last week, when I replied that I didn’t have a clue what he was asking for … he waited a week and sent the exact same email again?

Tim, no disrespect – but what on earth are you asking for?

“I am a white, single, attractive male. I stand 5-9″ weigh 200lbs, am NOT obese, have a small belly, carry extra weight well. I am 7-8” cut penis, nice and thick. I am smooth-chested and clean-shaven,
I have non-balding brown hair, blue-green eyes and all of my teeth, I am attractive, well-groomed and have good hygiene.
I am in  Nebraska. There are few TS resources here. I am not even to pre-op.
I pass for age 29-33, but am 46.
Enclosed is my face picture. I do not have nudes because I cannot find someone to take them.
Enclosed was a photo of a cherubic looking (apart from the smattering of chin hair) gentleman which for privacy reasons I won’t post.   I have to say, he did look younger than 46 though!
Tim, what can I help you with?
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  1. chelle says:

    its simple he wants you to turn him into a she-male. You should simply tell him to find a therapist and get the ball rolling. Its not that hard to do but also I wouldn’t recommend it to anybody…..not an easy life to live.

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