Thank You & Looking Forward to 2019. A Letter from Me to You!

Dear Supporters, Models and Partners,

Thank you for yet another fantastic year.   2018 has had it’s challenges as we continue to navigate through new laws, try different content ideas, lose some social marketing avenues and attempt to keep Grooby relevant, exciting and forward thinking.

As I’ve seen before, the trans niche expanded rapidly in 2017 as mainstream porn companies who were mostly ignorant to the scale or the issues with working in trans porn either  built new sites, brought trans models into their studios or made big announcements about their new productions.  In 2018, many of those came crashing down and there will be more attrition in 2019.   The trans adult niche is particularly challenging to work in – and even for companies like Grooby which seem prevalent it’s can be very difficult.

Grooby is committed to cementing its position.   Our main sites are producing more content than ever before and we’re constantly testing new ideas.    As we’ve so little competition in some of the niches, we’re going to go be talking to those who spend their money on those sites to see what we can do to enhance their experience and add further value to their memberships.    While I believe the service we provide now – both in terms of content delivery via websites or platforms as well as our customer service, are the best in the industry, we’ve identified and are working on ways to improve these further.    We no longer just want to be the best trans company in the world – we want to take our own expectations of what we can do and reach higher – thus those who support what we do, will gain an even better experience when participating on our sites.

We want our supporters to let us know what we can do better, or what you’d like to see, or where we can take the company.   While it’s clear that not every suggestion can be catered to, not every fantasy can be fulfilled and not every individual will find what they’re looking for with us,  my aim is to ensure those who want to be part of what we do, find what they need and love here.

Models and performers are not only contractors, but also customers and supporters.  Your choice to ask to work with us, is not taken for granted and in 2019, we want to enhance your experience further.   I appreciate and have discussed how difficult it is to be a model full time, and we do what we can to get as much work as possible to you.   I’m sure you understand, we are but one company and although we shoot dozens of scenes per week, these are shared among 100’s of models and worldwide.   I’m always looking for new ideas for websites – and my goal, as long as the sites can ‘pay the rent’ (cover the shooting costs) we will run the sites with very low margins.

Although there are companies that pay more per scene, there is no other company that shoots the amount of scenes we do, or puts as much money directly back into trans girls hands.   There is no other company that has the branding, or reach in the trans adult community that we do – and with that, comes great responsibility.    We want every model to leave the shoot having had a good experience and feeling that their name and brand, is going to be taken care of.  Not every model is going to make it ‘big’ in the industry, or even to a second shoot – but for that time you are with us, and your images are on our sites then I hope we can fulfil our roles and give you the best experience overall.     We are working on a new code of conduct between models, producers and the company and aim to have that online this week.   As ever, both Kristel and I are contactable via email for anyone with concerns about their shoots or our company.

My main goals for 2019, are to be better.   To be a better company.  To have better websites that not only provide exactly what those who support it are looking for, but to present to them in easier ways, allowing them to access their preferred content faster or with more ease.   I want our content to be accessible to more people, either via the website or other platforms.    I want to be better about getting more money into the girls hands – not just through licensing the content for but as producers and partners.   I want our producers to be better – to be improving the content week on week, to be giving the models a better experience and to creating together better content.

The adult business is a difficult one to be in, and these are difficult times.  It’s only through the symbiotic nature of having supporters invest their money into a company that facilitates production of adult content of trans performers, that we can survive and grow.   The more income we have, the larger the budgets, and the more content that is produced (and the more revenue to go around) so as we go into our 23rd year, I thank you all.  I thank the models, the producers and the partners we work with – and I thank those of you who elect to spend your money with us with my whole heart and the promise, I’ll do the very best to get you the content you want, and how you want to see it.

I trust you have a happy, successful, healthy and wealthy 2019.



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3 Responses to Thank You & Looking Forward to 2019. A Letter from Me to You!

  1. Montgomery F says:

    Its always a welcome pass to hear from Grooby and you Steven, keep up the good work and a special thanks to all the trans. Sexy as ever and talented.

  2. Montgomery F says:

    Its always a welcome pass to hear from Grooby and you Steven, keep up the good work and a special thanks to all the trans.

  3. Its always a welcome pass to hear from Grooby and you Steven, keep up the good work

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