My opening post ….

Finally, I’ve found some time to get this blog up.   I’ve so many interested and fun experiences working in this industry and as anyone who knows me, I’m fairly outspoken also either on the transgender erotica industry or the adult industry in general, that I’ll at last have a place to ramble on.

Is anyone interested at all?

Does anyone care?

Maybe, maybe not but at least I’ll have a record of it, as my rapidly deteriorating memory isn’t helping with the memoirs too much and frankly, my head is overloaded.

This blog will be seperated into news about Grooby and the websites/projects we’re working on, fun or interesting stories about the characters that I work with, rants and funny emails or posts from our customers (all privacy will be respected) and my feelings about the industry in general, the other websites and the girls we work with.

The only links you’ll find on this site are to my companies websites or sites that I like (or girls whose sites I like!).

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  1. Yep, I am. I’m hoping to interview you for my blog and reading every post here to soak up information. It’s no secret that Grooby Productions is my favorite empire and you’re very interesting and quite outspoken indeed! All the best to you.

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