Why We Can’t Shoot You! Or … The (updated) realities of Trans modeling, 2016 Edition.

I try to update this every year or so and I think I’m a bit ahead of schedule, but it’s just became necessary for me to put some facts out there so models or potential models can get a more realistic picture of the industry and why they are not getting shoots.

I get anywhere from 1-10 model applications a day, or models hitting me up for re-shoots a day but in the last month it’s been especially bad (is tax season coming?). Emails from new models who we would like to work with, existing models who are looking for a second or third shoots, superstars and unfortunately models we have to say “no” to.

Why so few shoots?

There are a handful of websites studios shooting in the US.  It’s not improved any since last year, if anything there are less shoots available this year with only a few studios producing, and some of them wanting very specific types of models.

While Grooby is constantly striving to grow and give as many shoots as we can (if we break even on a site, we’ll run it) the simple fact is that even with our new Femout.XXX and Tgirls.PORN websites, realistically there aren’t many shoots for the amount of available models.

  • ShemaleYum – approx 11 new solo shoots and 2 hardcore month
  • Shemale.XXX – approx 6 new solo shoots and 4 hardcore a month
  • Black-Tgirls – approx 10 new solo shoots and 4 hardcore a month
  • Femout.XXX – 6 solo shoots a month
  • Tgirls.porn – 4 hardcore shoots with between 4-8 TS models a month

33 solo shoots and 14 hardcore shoots that need to be shared between all viable models.

In 2015 we debuted over 100 new models.   Nearly all of them want reshoots.  Add this to the models who have continued to work since 2014, 2013 and some as far back as 2002 – then we have 100’s of models all looking to fill only a few dozen shoots.     Some models are always going to get more shoots than others.  It’s not a system based on sharing all the shoots equally, but rather on either who is selling the best or who fits into what is needed for that site, the best.   It’s a business and if it wasn’t run like a business, then it’s likely that there wouldn’t be a shoot for anyone.   Does it hurt to get told ‘nothing available’ while other models are getting shoots?  I’m sure it does, but it’s a fact of life and even for those popular models getting shoots, there are still limitations.

Some models may only ever get to shoot once and no matter how many times they ask, the answer will be “no” (most models we try to bring back for re-shoots if they’ve changed some during the interval).  Some models may get to do a second shoot, and not get another shoot.  With some many new models coming through weekly and with needing the get the models who are making the better sales in, then the opportunities to take risks or to give a model a shoot in lieu of a model who is going to please more fans, get slimmer and slimmer.

Modeling and performing for pay, is based on how well those scenes sell and the model is usually the biggest factor in that.  We get applications from models who are frankly, so far from what I could imagine us being able to shoot – or asking people to pay for, that I have to ask myself, ‘what are they thinking?’ – but of course, the application process is part of many people’s fulfillment, regardless of the reply (and they all get a reply).    I’ve been in this industry long enough to know, that there is a market for everyone – and perhaps, if you either cannot get a new shoot, or a paid shoot, then you might be able to create your own content and revenue from it.

Few performers are able to make a living from this industry alone – those that do, usually put an extraordinary amount of work themselves into it.

Managing Expectations.

The hardest part of my job is telling people we don’t want to shoot them.  I try to direct them to camming, or user uploaded areas we run – or if applicable, give them advise on when or how to reapply if they transition further or there was a problem with their application photos.  However, some people just weren’t meant to model for our company and the buck stops with me, I make every call and I do it with the best intentions of keeping my company running, which keeps people employed.

I see trans girls, who are active on social media and have 1000s of followers.  Every time they post an image they get ‘likes’ and ‘tweets’ and so many fans, hanging on everything they do … as long as it’s free.   Try to convert them into paying customers, (and many girls who’ve launched their own sites or tried to sell content, have experienced this) – and they just don’t.  So expecting that just because you have ‘xxx’ amount of fans or so many people say you are ‘hot’ or ‘want to fuck you’,  that websites are going to want to pay you to shoot, is just incorrect.

I see girls getting despondent when they can’t get work – but again, just like any job, there are only so many slots available and so many dollars going to be spent on this industry.

So what to do about it?

If you still want to be in adult content – then consider whether your reason is money, or if you just want the exposure and satisfaction/gratification. There is nothing wrong with that – and there are plenty of social networks, tube sites and fan sites where you can upload your own porn and you’re going to get fans.

If you want to make a business out of it, then look at ideas like GroobyNetwork.com, consider camming, or work with other like-minded models on content which you can either create you own sites/s or sell on clip/scene selling sites.   You’ll find out how hard it is to make sales, but at least you’re doing something about it and learning the business.

Conclusion – and a request …

I put this post out there, because I want to explain how we work – and how the industry works.   I would like nothing more to be able to pay photographers (and many of them also get rejected) to shoot every single model that applies, in a paid shoot and get them onto a website in which we can afford to run.   But that’s unrealistic and not going to happen.   So please be aware, if you get told we can’t work with you,  then it’s not just you – and as hard as this sounds, don’t take it personally, it’s business and we (I) have to make that decision based on my experience in what works, for our company.

If we can’t give you reshoots, then perhaps later down the line we can – or perhaps we can’t!   Not every first shoot was a success (I’d say only 50-60% were successful shoots) that means, it’s going to be hard to bring you back – it might be a year before we can put you in – and we’d expect you to look somewhat different to get a more successful shoot.

My request …  I’m open to ideas.  If you have ideas on how we can shoot more, what sites could we run – or what you can bring to the table either as  producer or a model/producer, then let me know – via email admin@grooby.com and we can see if it’s viable.

Thanks for reading.

Much respect.   Steven



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2 Responses to Why We Can’t Shoot You! Or … The (updated) realities of Trans modeling, 2016 Edition.

  1. Bella Marascalco says:

    Classy as always. Grooby is King, and just in case you might have forgotten, I will shoot for free if you ever think I’ve advanced farther and you can market me!

  2. Greg G says:

    That was very interesting to read. Seems to be as well put and straight forward of an explanation to a question as ever could be said.
    Good job man. I enjoy your work and from reading this you seem to a solid business man.


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