The Transsexual Erotica Archive of Magazines and Films – we need your help!

I’m trying to create a historical archive of transsexual porn.   This isn’t a money making venture but I believe we’re in a unique position to do this and who knows, it may be something we can pass down through history (ahem!).

I’m looking for photos, magazines, books and original film containing photos or illustrations of transsexual erotica and smut from any era pre-internet (mid-90’s).  These will be housed safely in our air-conditioned studios and I’d have them scanned in for posterity and education, available free IF I can get the rights to do it.

We’re starting from pretty much nothing but I’ll update the archive as it grows.  Even if the magazine only has one transgender performer (some 80’s Italian magazines were of this type) or you only have a few photos, we’d love to obtain them.

Ideally, as this isn’t for profit we’d like anything you can donate but if you have very good condition that you wish to sell, we can see what we can do also.

Contact with scan or photo of the covers please!


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2 Responses to The Transsexual Erotica Archive of Magazines and Films – we need your help!

  1. Luke says:

    WOW Great Idea!! 🙂 I’ve always been dreaming (and looking) for a chronological archive about Transerotica history!! 🙂
    How about adding to the website all the pre-1998 Shemale Yum sets, the ones that aren’t even available on Grooby Archives? Is it possible? I would definively PAY for a website like that!! :3

  2. Ava says:

    There is as extensive of a collection of fetish history as probably exists anywhere at the Leather Archives in Chicago. The archives are owned by Chuch Renslo who also owns IML and has been around so long that he also opened the first gay leather club in the 1950’s. I have seen some materials there chronicling TS/shemale history. The Archives have become a growing depository of materials that would otherwise have no place to go. Perhaps a trip to Chicago for ILM next year could justify you taking a look for yourself.

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