Grooby Not Shooting During the TEA Week in Los Angeles

Grooby will not be shooting many scenes during the TEA week in Los Angeles in March.

Last year,  our photographers were a little over zealous, and we’d also promised shoots to many models coming into town.   The result was we over-shot on content and left our finances low while we had too much material for some sites.  This meant that promised shoots to models who weren’t at the TEA’s had to be cancelled or postponed and we had problems raising budgets for other sites during that time.   It was further compounded by the fact that other producers had shot many of the same girls, and we released them at around the same time, thus diluting the impact.

With so many models wanting to shoot during, it also becomes a stress for us when we can’t fit everyone in and some models took it personally and caused friction.  That week is the most stressful of our companies whole year, so we’d rather remove the issue then have to resolve petty conflicts or explain why we cannot shoot.

We changed our shooting schedules based on this situation with all photographers now being assigned X amounts of slots per month.  While the photographers can still shoot, to fill their slots, it’s unlikely many models will be able to get shot with us during this time.

I do appreciate that models often aim to cover some of their travel expenses with shoots – and we try to give as many models as we can, work throughout the year, not just for a week during the TEA’s.   There are other producers who are looking to shoot during this time including our sponsors whom you should contact;

ShemaleStrokers –

Bobs-Tgirls –

Any sponsoring models looking for paid or trade shoots, email me at with what you are looking for and I’ll add you to this list.


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