AB-5 California Performers Read

Most of you will already be aware of the new AB-5 laws put into place in California which upheld that most independent contractors are classified as employees of the company . Put into place to stop companies such as Uber or Lyft from classifying it’s drivers as independent contractors, it’s affected all workers in California.

As we still shoot in California here is how it affects you for any future shoots with our company (and any adult company). Regardless of which state you come from, if working in California this will affect you.

  • You will need to complete online tax forms before the shoot or at the shoot.
  • You will not be paid at the shoot – you will be paid at the next payroll date. Our payroll is every Friday. If you worked before Wednesday, you will be paid that Friday. If you work on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday you will be paid the following Friday.
  • CA disability tax, CA income tax, social security, Medicare & Federal Withholding will be removed from your income.
  • Pay can only be deposited directly into your bank account or mailed to you on the Friday.

Please be aware, this is a Californian law and not something put in place by our company. All California companies will be working in this way.

We do pay more in California for shoots then other states at this time.

If you have questions please address them to me at : admin@grooby.com

Thank you for your understanding.

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