Early in Transition Tgirl Models Wanted for Femout.XXX

Late last year we launched Femout.com with the intention of being both a social network style site and also a place to present content of tgirls who were early in or working on transition but had an interest in appearing in erotica, either as a one off or with the intent of becoming more involved in it. It soon became clear, that although the social network aspect of the site was good – the content delivery, on the database we were using, was awful, so we’ve been holding off further developing the site until we can get the fix.

The fix is, that we will soon be launching Femout.xxx. Both sites will be linked and paying members of one, will get membership to the other but we aim to increase the production of content for Femout.XXX. We are now in a position to look for more models for the site.

So what is Femout?
It’s a hybrid, it’s a combination, it’s fun and it’s sexy. It’s also intended to be a resource, an ideas bank, interviews and more so that new girls (or want to be new girls) can learn more about the industry as well as becoming the girl they want to be. Femout IS erotica related and it’s ran by Grooby, who are an adult lifestyle company, so this site is not aimed at everyone or intended to be for all girls in transition but specifically aimed at those who either enjoy erotica as a viewer, or are thinking about doing some shoots either amateur, or working for us.
It’s also our training ground, or our stepping stone, to potential shoots on our other sites. Some girls have already graduated to ShemaleYum.com and we’re looking forward to our first girl, who follows the pathway through to Shemale.XXX

Who are we looking for?

We’ve a fairly strong idea of what sort of models we’re looking for, for the professional shoots for this site and although we do appreciate that transgenders in transition, can be of any age and looks, we’re looking for models who fit the following criteria.

  • Aged 18 to 29
  • You should be in transition (have started hormones, living full-time) or seriously considering or intending to transition.
  • Able to present a feminine appearance. *
  • Comfortable with showing your body and posing on camera.
  • Able to do own makeup, be shaven (where needed) and have selection of clothes.
  • Our photographers are in NY area, Miami, San Francisco, LA, Texas and the UK – but they do travel to other cities.  We do not pay travel expenses for you to come to us.
  • Have State or Federal photo ID (driving license, passport, state ID) and one other form of ID (college card, utility bill, transportation card, credit card. etc.).  These will remain confidential and only seen by Grooby staff.

* if you are a “tomboy” or alternative type, that’s fine as long as you present a female.

PLEASE NOTE: We are not a feminization service and we are NOT looking to transform anyone.  We are not looking for “sissys” or cross-dressers.

We’re not able to take every want to be model for the site, either we don’t think you fit what we’re looking for, we feel that you’re not ready (but can re-apply), or other reasons.   However, all applications WILL get a reply and hopefully some constructive feedback, so don’t be afraid to send it in.  Applications and your personal information is confidential.

Unsuccessful applications can still sign-up for free model profile and upload their content at Femout.com

What’s in it for you?

Every model shoot is a fully paid shoot.   We do pay less for shoots for Femout than we do for the girls further in their transition who appear on ShemaleYum or our other sites but if we’re offering you a shoot for Femout, then we think you can grow and work on our other sites if desired.

You get amazing exposure both on our Femout site and across the Grooby networks – with our GroobyGirls site and other websites.   Links back to personal pages, cam sites are others may be posted with your images if wanted.

IMPORTANT :  We realize that through inexperience and naivety that a model may make a decision that they may regret later. When you model for us, we invest in paying both the model and photographer fee, as well as various editor and webmaster costs to get the content live.   We are prepared to offer those who wish their photos to be removed in the future, the ability to do so.  This will only be available on content that has been online for over 18 months and will require the model paying us back 50% of the model fee cost she was paid.  We will absorb the other associated fees.   All content will be removed from our sites and marketing partners and a Bill of Sale issued to the model and we will relinquish all rights.  Give the nature of the interne, we cannot guarantee the removal from sites that do not belong to us (ie; piracy) but will advise you on how to legally get them removed should you find them.

How to apply?

Email to admin@grooby.com with the subject line “Femout Application” with;

  • Model name, age and location.
  • Transitional experience (hormones, dressing, full/part time, etc)
  • Any pertinent information about you – likes, hobbies, special features/talents.
  • A selection of photos which present you at the best.  Their must be face photos, and you should also consider sending in body shots and nudes.  No photo-shop/airbrushing.  Applications with no face photos will be scrapped.

We do look forward to hearing from you.  If you’re not sure about modeling – or whether you’d be a fit, send us an email anyway and we will reply with information or advice.


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2 Responses to Early in Transition Tgirl Models Wanted for Femout.XXX

  1. leah starr says:

    is the new femout xxx just for new models or can existing ones on femout.com aply to be on the new site thanks x leah x

  2. shareena Amber says:

    Can a person who just started Hormones and But still live in closet. But open for erotica.

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