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Thank You to Bob Maverick for 20 Years of Excellence.

The more astute supporters of tgirls porn may have noticed there have been some changes at Bobs-Tgirls in that the content is coming from different producers, but before we go any further a few words from the man himself;

“This whole thing started on a whim, that turned into a hobby, that turned into a lifestyle and a career. This career saved me from one that had become rather mundane. With Bob’s Tgirls, I’ve had so many fantastic experiences that never would have happened otherwise. I’ve always liked photography and to get to do it for a living (with naked girls no less) has been quite a privilege. I again want to thank all of my supporters and models for that.

As life goes on, circumstances change. Circumstances caused me to relocate out of California. Along with that change, I concluded that I would be unable to keep Bob’s Tgirls at the quality level it should be. I considered retiring the site and informed Steven Grooby, of my thoughts. To my surprise, Steven came to the rescue and is keeping Bob’s Tgirls alive. You will still see my photography on occasion, along with that of the other great Grooby photographers.

Although I am out of the business of day to day website operations, I still enjoy doing photography. So, expect to see me pop-up here and there.

Thanks again to all the members, the models and to Steven who not only gave me my start, but also enabled me to have a graceful (semi) retirement.

Bob created and ran this website almost 100% by himself, it wasn’t an easy task to do in 1999 – but come 2019, it’s near impossible to do so much and keep the business running.  He’s been a great friend to the industry, a friend of the models and a personal friend of mine for over 20 years, and I wish him well in his relocation and new life.  I do know he won’t be far, and he will be guest shooting on Bobs-Tgirls and on other Grooby sites.

So what’s in store for Bobs-Tgirls?   The site is desperately in need of a refresh and the biggest job is going to switch it over to a platform that runs better for 2020 and this is what we’re working on right now.   The site will be responsive for those using devices, smart TVs or phones – and easier to navigate and enjoy on desktops.    

Other changes will include:

  • more updates a week – by only our top producers.  
  • only the top models worldwide.
  • more focus on fetishes then our other sites.
  • expanded Grooby Bonus area of free scenes.
  • easier feedback and comments area.

I’m very excited about this change, and I think we can really add value to the site.  Grooby took on five new producers worldwide in 2019, and they’re all eager to make their mark on our historic sites and propel us into a new decade.  Regular supporters should have already seen the increase in content and small changes, and I’d love you all to stay with us as we make these changes and any feedback you can give is much appreciated.

Happy 2020.

Grooby 20/20.

A selection of new content we’ve already added to

Photographs of Ally Sparkles, Ivory Mayhem, Melanie Brooks by Radius Dark. Photographs of Foxy Anastasia by Kalin. Photographs of Ice P by Frank.

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