Happy Holidays … and a brief word on the TEA Nominations.

I’ll keep this short, as I’ve a longer end of year re-cap coming next week and just wanted to wish you all a Happy Holidays and I hope we can look forward to a brighter and happier 2021. With our 25th anniversary coming up next year, we did have a lot of plans and we’re hoping to be able realize and include you in some of them.

Everyone at Grooby appreciates how difficult this time of the year if for many people and the compounded affects of this year will make if even more so. Please reach out to friends if you’re struggling, please look out for each other, if someone seems to be having a bad time it can only take the smallest touch of kindness and communication to make them them feel better. The holidays are a time for giving, and if you can give just the smallest bit of your time or attention then it may mean a whole lot to that individual.

Kristel and I usually let models and social media followers know, that if they are struggling to reach out to us and we’ll see if we can put them in touch with someone who can help. You can always get us at kristel@grooby.com and admin@grooby.com (Steven) but be aware, we’re not online 24/7.

I hope you can spend time with people you love. To reflect on what a strange and unprecedented year this has been. To look for the positives in your year, and how you can continue to follow those into the coming year and to spend time taking care of yourself and having some fun.

Happy Holidays.

Everyone at Grooby.

… and a brief word on the TEA Nominations

It’s been difficult to get the nominations together this year. With the exception of Grooby, most companies were unable to produce for many months of the year (we have producers across the globe so were able to produce when/where it was allowed and safe), so trying to find relevant and worthy content proved a challenge. Because of this, we’ve relaxed this rules for this year a little and there are larger amounts of nominees in most categories as well as some spillage outside the usual time frames.

The nominations are now published at The TEA Show. I understand every year there will be disappointments among the selections and choices. I want to assure you, that we work very hard and diligently when choosing the nominees. Unlike other award shows, and you can look at their nominations, we don’t listen to PR agents, or care about the social media following a model has. We’ve polled fans and models, as well as those of us who work in the adult trans industry – company owners, producers, distributors to draw up our short list.

Because this year has been so difficult, we may make some last minute additions if we feel they were missed or warranted.

The TEA Show and Awards is always a celebration of our community. It’s not just about who is nominated or wins, but that we can all be out there still doing it. It was set up as a ‘Fuck You’ to the mainstream porn industry who ignored our section of the adult (or side-lined it) and frankly, never has it been more important than this year. I reached out to AVN and Xbiz to let them know that their nominations for this year were way way off – they’d omitted some models who absolutely should have been there, and replaced them with models who had barely (if at all) worked this year and they’ve both shown how little they know (or care to know). I hoipe the conversations I’ve had with both of them, will reflect better in their choices and process next year.

Love to all of you who want to be involved in the TEAs whether nominated or not. We have a place for you all and hope you can celebrate with us.

Love and Respect – Steven

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