Thank You for Another Incredible & Very Grooby Year!

2015 was the 19th year, that Grooby has been producing transsexual related adult material for the digital market. That means we’re soon to have our 20th Anniversary (and yes there will be a party!) – no small feat for a company that was started on nothing and has built up quite the presence.

We’ve currently 15 full time employees spread around the globe, and numerous freelance producers, customer service and webmasters working in different capacities. A huge thank you, to all the Grooby staff and photographers. We all work hard and put a lot back into this company with a goal on long term survival. Many of our staff have been with us for well over 10 years (with one approaching his 18th). I depend on their feedback and love of what we do, to help drive us forward. Thank you all.

In 2015, we released at least, 2200 solo and hardcore scenes with 500+ different transgender models, showcasing an estimated 120 brand new models.  We’ve worked with models from USA, Canada, Germany, UK, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Japan, Laos, Thailand, Philippines, Brazil, Mexico and Russia.  Models who are the core of our business – without them we cannot run, and we desperately try to give you all as much work as we can, or give you opportunities where you can make your own revenue.  My door is always open with any ideas, concerns or feedback you have.  In 2016, we have more ideas on how you can profit with us – and I’ll be sharing that in time.   Every model we’ve featured, I humbly, thank you.

With only 5 DVD releases in 2015, our goal is to increase this to over 20 this year. I’d like to thank Steve, Ed & Diego at Third World Media for their years of support and look forward to ventures new with Exquisite. Grooby continues to partner with Third World on their online pay sites such as Third World Ladyboys.

We completed our goal of launching three brand new sites in Femout.XXX, and, each aimed at a different demograph and although they’ve yet to prove to be sustainable over the long term, it gives us and our partners the ability to market something new and fresh. Thank you to the affiliates, review sites and media who’ve helped us launch these sites and continue our other sites to stay profitable. We’re not a company that develops too much into webmaster tools but we like to work with unique companies and individuals, who are creative or reach out that bit further in their marketing, so we’re always looking for new affiliates with new ideas.

The Transgender Erotica Awards was hugely successful and the giant leap (and investment) we took from previous years to be hosted in a high-end event location in Hollywood, paid off, with fans, models and industry giving us the best feedback yet. This has allowed us to continue the show in the same vein this year, and we’ve already seen increased numbers in both ticket sales and models who are planning to come. We’re also picking up some great mainstream traction from it!

(plug warning : sponsorships are available NOW from

Thank you to all the wonderful sponsors, who are too many to mention. To the companies and people who donated their time to making this unique show happen year after year. To the Grooby staff who go above and beyond for that weekend. To the models, whether they are nominated or not, who attend to simply enjoy the one night a year that it’s all about them. Thank you to the fans for supporting it.

In an industry which is typically been on the decline, we’re holding our heads well above water. This is in no small part, due to the creativity and diligence of our billing partners, Payze and Vendo, both companies who invest time and ideas directly with their customers to enable us to function the best we can. Huge thanks for everything you do for us.  A shout-out to Epoch also as one of our cascade partners.

Where website sales have dropped off a bit, we’ve been able to pick up revenue through other ways – either working with other companies, developing white labels, selling traffic through our partnership with Steven Lightspeed’s 2T4FB or developing other ways to maximize revenue on our IP. Most of these ideas come from meeting and spending time with people at the various shows. Thank you to all the companies that put on the shows – and all the people whose ears I bend (or share a cigar) when I meet them.

A lot of our 2015 has been about giving our end-users a better customer experience. We’ve been moving our sites to Elevated X, which has been a mammoth task. alone took over 1000 ‘grunt’ hours to get it’s 19 yrs of content looking stunning – and it’s been worth it, so thank you to everyone who has been helping out . We’ve also been working with Mojohost to increase our speeds in N.America in which we’re getting great feedback and our customers have been loyal throughout the changes.

It takes a lot of people to make a company work successfully. It takes everybody mentioned above, so again thank you.

To the customers, the members, the fans … however, you are named, without your continuing patronage of our product, nothing works. There would be no models being paid to do shoots, there would be nothing for the editors to do and there would be a few websites rotating dull and old content. Everybody owes thanks to you. By continuing to invest in us, we can continue to work with more models, we can continue to provide a forum for new transgender models to enter the industry with support and safety.

My companies commitment and promise to you, is the same as it’s been for the past 19 years. We will continue to strive to produce the best content we can, to nurture the newest models, to further develop relationships with existing models, to continue to put back the majority of our profits into producing new scenes or websites and to try as ever, to make you love what we do, as much as we love doing it. Thank you to all our customers over the year – you are responsible for the content that we continue to create.

I trust everyone has a happy, healthy, successful and completely Grooby 2016.

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3 Responses to Thank You for Another Incredible & Very Grooby Year!

  1. real says:

    Thanks for touching base on the upside on your website. I’d like to add a few words about the site. As a subscriber to I’m amazed at what a progressive and beautiful site it
    is. Its such a far cry from Caligula (which I saw in the theater in 1982) That was a waste of time.
    First the still photo sets are A1. The texture of the photos is superb and the the amount
    of shots is fantastic. Also if you have Yosemite software it allows you to run an incredible
    slide show with a soundtrack setting a really great experience. I LUV The Beatles Rubber
    Soul album going in the back ground ( among others). As far as the Models go. What beautiful
    people they are. I’m relatively new to the scene and I really dig it. If I had working capital I
    would consider producing and what better way to get people hip to the scene. I look forward
    to being a subscriber for the foreseeable future and wish Damazo and you the best in the coming year. One final note. Jaime French is hot but I’m not into Greek. Best wishes to
    Jaime as well. Good Luck

  2. real says:

    great website. Luv it.

  3. beatriz sixx says:

    My name is beatriz sixx (ask for real name in email) in a transexual and i know i can make it in this i just need a shoot! Lol no pun intended

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