Lockdown Week 6 : A Message to our Supporters & Models

I hope everyone is doing as well as can be expected in these times, and are following the guidelines in your cities, states and countries. I’ve been in the UK for this whole time and for once we’ve had a beautiful dry and sunny spring – yet unable to do much other than short walks. I do consider myself lucky to be in a city which is relatively quiet, with people following the distancing rules and that hasn’t been too affected with Covid-19 and I hope it will remain that way.

I wanted to give you an update where we are. All sites are running on restructured updates. That means some of our features that we’d planned for 2020, have had to be replaced with other content but overall we’re running close to normal. I’d like to thank all the models we were able to buy home-shot content off, most of which is excellent and being received well on the sites.

As you may know, we’ve had some successful measures to try and give our supporters more value for money during this time and these have included;

  • Free access to Grooby-Archives.com (the world’s largest trans erotica site) for members of most of our other sites. We’ve given out over 700 free passes already.
  • Buy three months on one site & get access to two other sites of your choice for a month each (this is still running from Transporn.deals if you’re interested).
  • Free full length scenes at Tgirls.com
  • Enhanced customer service trying to make sure all our supporters are taken care of if we’re able.
  • A Discord chat for models and fans.
  • Twice weekly, Ask My Anything’s at Reddit.com/r/GroobyGirls. We’ve had Domino, Kelly Quell, Ryder Monroe, Morgan Bailey, Ella Venus so far, and this week have Aspen Brooks and Natassia Dreams. I hope you will find these as refreshing and illuminating as I have.

We have a few other things coming this week which will be free to view – so watch this space. We appreciate how difficult it is for many people, and we’re doing our very best to bring a little joy at this time.

To our models – I understand and appreciate how difficult this is for you all. At this time, it’s impossible to predict how and when we can start shooting in most territories and it is a worry for me. There is also going to be a question of when we do start shooting again, how to do it fairly so producers and models can hopefully get some revenue in. I can’t speak for other companies, but we’re also being very wary of the economical issues which are happening worldwide and when this has all shaken out, you may find there is less work around. My advice would be to save as much as you can right now, to work as much as you can on cams or clip sites (there will be people spending their stimulus checks on this!) and be prepared as we simply, do not know what will happen.

Make sure you signup to our mailer (you’ll find it on http://grooby.com) to be kept up to date with all events.

I wish the best to you all.


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