Management Failure!!!

I’ll remove the model’s name and the sender, our of respect and privacy but the model HAS already worked for us on two sites and her so-called “representation” is a producer of some rather dubious looking videos, that look like ShemaleYum from 1996 … same quality, style but in 2010.

Quite why a TS model needs a manager when it’s easy enough to arrange your own work, I don’t know … especially with this guy (check out the bold) who contacted us but didn’t know we had Shemale Yum

“I have a new  request for the New Year. I came into contract with a killer Transexual on the scene ‘XXX XXXXXX, don’t know if you have heard of or seen her.
She is killer; young, breast job, tight hot dick, great face, better
hair. See for yourself.

Anyway, I represent her but have no idea of where to go.

She wants to shoot a lot. So inquiring if you have any names in the industry that could employ her? She has shot with Shemale Yum and BoB’s T girls, shemale strokers, other issue is for right now she only wants to do solo so I know that is limiting for anybody!!!

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